Comic Revolt with David Gillette: Halo 8’s Matt Pizzolo

Matt pizzolo

How do you find the time to be involved in so many diverse projects, yet manage not to dilute the quality of each project?

The toughest part of anything is balancing productivity with quality. Comics and films are collaborative art forms, and they move at their own pace, so I’ve found it’s important to have a few projects moving at the same time… you want to always be active and engaged on all of them, but you can’t force timing. For example, I wrote Godkiller four years before I met Anna (Muckraker)… But I can’t imagine anyone other than Anna bringing that Godkiller world to life, so even though I was frustrated during the four year gap, it was ultimately what the project needed for its stars to align. That said, you have to know when it’s the right time to strike. With Occupy Comics, for example, that only worked because we jumped into it before we knew what we were doing and just figured it out as we went. Had we hesitated at all it never would have come together. Some things burn hotter and faster than others, if you’re going to be the driving creative force behind artistic endeavors you have to know when to push them and when to let them pull you.

Matt Pizzolo

What parts of your experience prepared you for creating in the comic medium?

I actually was an aspiring comics writer before anything else. As far back as high school I was pitching publishers at cons and working with artists… I was working three jobs at the time: St. Mark’s Comix, Tower Records, and Kim’s Underground Video. I was intent on creating an opportunity for myself to work in one of those fields, and it just happened that film came first. Of course, that film I made then (Threat) has a heavy music component, animated segments, and we even worked on a comic crossover. I still have a few pages of that comic, it’s funny that comics eluded me the longest…It seems crazy to me that there’s so much specialization in storytelling. I’ve written and/or directed feature films, animation, comics, web content, music videos, plays, prose, essays… I feel like anyone who limits themselves to one is more career oriented than artistically driven. I kinda wish I was that career oriented sometimes, but not really (ha ha).

Matt Pizzolo

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Great interview, David! Matt, you are such an inspiration. Keep fighting the good fight, man. This is quite possibly my favorite ComicBooked interview–ever.

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