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Comic Underground Distributions The Most Important Indie Project To Date

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Many of you know how I pride myself on being an indie supporter and the large majority of what I write about are indie comics but in the grand scheme of things those projects are just about those projects and the creators. I’m not saying that those creators don’t deserve the exposure and recognition but what they really and truly deserve is a platform that isn’t ruled by corporate greed within a fixed monopoly.

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“There can be only one” is not exactly what indie creators like to hear when it takes everything they have to get a book off the ground and the “only one” wants to not only take the possible profit they then want them to come out of their pocket again for distribution possibilities. It’s clearly not fair and it’s clearly a monopoly that isn’t helping the free market thrive. Indie creators, above all, need an affordable alternative that is worried about them as creators getting a fair shake.

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This project is so very important, not only to it’s creator King Chan, but for anyone that has tried to get in a catalog and failed or been made to pay out of their own pocket just to not hit distribution marks. Some of the indie projects I have wrote about are already on board and there are plenty more to choose from and believe me, they deserve the exposure.

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I’m going to give right now and I implore anyone that enjoys creator owned and indie comics to give too. These people write and create with blood, sweat, and tears, but with something like Comic Underground Distribution maybe we can help cut back on the tears and allow these creators a platform from which to thrive. Besides, who wouldn’t want to see indie creator comics in local comic stores?

Here is a link to the Kickstarter and a link to a video that explains why it’s so important to support this project.

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