Comic Vs Everything Else


You’re either a comic person, or you’re not. If you’re not, then we’re not too sure why you’re here! Comics have long ruled the entertainment world, and although some people believe comics are dying out, there’s no denying that they have so much character. We get it, the film industry is not definitely taking over, but where do you think these films are drawing their inspiration from? That’s what we thought! The entertainment world, especially the superhero one, is based around the great comics that were wrote so many years ago. But since some people are now viewing the comics as a bit of a dying era, we want to pit them against everything else that is out there. From TV shows, to films, we want to know why there might be a chance that any of them are better than the comics most of us love to read so much! So, have a read on, and see what you think!

Why Comics?

We don’t feel like we need to explain ourselves, but we’re going to do it anyway! If you think back to the good old days, comics did rule all. Of course, there were films being produced, but compared to now the quality was nowhere near as good. That didn’t stop people watching them, obviously that quality was all that they knew. But, it did mean that immersing into the world of comics was so much easier, especially when so many films were being based around it. So, now that the film and entertainment industry is so big, why should you carry on reading comics. Well for one, you just get so much value for money. That comic can stay with you as a collectables item, and you might be able to make a nice bit of money from it in the future! Not only that, but they’re just so easy to read from and get a real good feel for the story. They’re mainly images, and sometimes a picture can tell a thousand words. In the case of comics, they literally tell the story which is something we love. From childhood to adulthood, comics can appeal to everyone if they just pick one up and give it a go!

Other Cool Areas To Explore

As we said, comics should rule everything, but the harsh reality is that they just don’t any more. There are other areas that people are exploring, and that you actually should do too. As long as your love for comics never dies, what’s the harm in seeing what all of the hype is about? One big hype that seems to be happening at the minute is anime. It’s a form of cartoon, and can be found on pretty much every platform that you want to watch it on. Anime has now become so big that there is a community dedicated to it, and some people even go as far as to try and live their lives like an anime character. We don’t think you should go that far, but you should definitely give it a watch, you never know what you might discover! It’s a style of Japanese film, so you’ll soon come to learn that it is absolutely huge with the Japanese all over the world!

Stopping Comics From Dying Out

If the day ever comes when comics die out, then it definitely is going to be a sad day indeed. The world of comics does so much for us, as does reading. Reading has been proven to be great for brain development, and even for things such as Dementia. So, to stop comics from dying out, you need to make sure you’re passing them on to your children. They’ll have endless hours of fun from them if you do, and it helps them to understand where most of the films they’re probably glued to have come from. Just make sure you carry on collecting the comics to keep the tradition alive.

Why The Film Industry Might Rule All

Finally, the film industry isn’t going anywhere, because it is everywhere. So it begs the question, is the film industry the ruler of all? Well, it is now. The lure of a cinema is just all too much for people, and actually seeing their favourite stories being acted out in perfect quality on a movie screen is just too hard to resist. Which we get why, films capture the right things, and seem to make them better. With the way that cinemas are transforming, we feel the film industry is only going to get better.

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