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Comics After Dark: Episode 104 (PODCAST)

comics after dark

Comics After Dark (A Weekly Comic Book Podcast): Episode 104 – Rick Remender will be Leaving Marvel July 6, 2015 Comics After Dark: Your Weekly Comic Book Podcast starring MTR (@RattHaus), Nando Calrissian (@AwkCalrissian), Tiff (@FallonJ13), and Billy The Kid (@AbductPunx)

THIS WEEK! Whack Attack, Comment on Comics, Table Talk with Tiff on Spider-Woman having a Baby, Word Around The Campfire (RUMORS), Calrissian’s Corner will be breaking Rick Remender leaves Marvel, Babbling With Billy on Mighty Morphing Power Ranger getting an On Going with Boom Studios, Comic Quickies (Rapid Fire News), MTR’s Banter will be talking about Frances Manapul parting ways with Detective Comics; Comic Book reviews on Image’s Red One #1, Sons of The Devil #1 and #2, and Birthright #6; IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #47, Ghostbusters: Get Real #1, Transformers: Combiner Wars, Transformers: More That Meets The Eye #41 and #42; Marvel’s Groot #2, Years of Future Past, Secret Wars #4, Ultimate End #2 and #3; Valiant’s X-O Manowar #38; DC’s Midnighter #1 and Detective Comics #42; Boom Studio’s Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return #4′ and Retro Reviews on OniPress The Sixth Gun: Volume 1; Vertigo’s DMZ: Volume 2 and 3.

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