Comics After Dark: Episode 109

comics after dark

Comics After Dark (A Weekly Comic Book Podcast): Episode 109 – Fantastic Four Analysis

Comics After Dark: Your Weekly Comic Book Podcast starring MTR (@RattHaus), Nando Calrissian (@AwkCalrissian), and Billy The Kid (@AbductPunx)

THIS WEEK! Whack Attack, Comments on Comics, Calrissian’s Corner on the Archie Musical, Comic Quickies, MTR’s Banter about the New Rogues Gallery for The Flash, Word Around The Campfire (Rumors), Babbling with Billy for a full analysis on Fant4stic, Comic Book Reviews on Jozu Comics The Soul #1 and #2; Marvel Comics’ Darth Vader #8, Uncanny X-Men #35, Old Man Logan #3, Ulitmate End,and Groot #3; Image Comics’ Spawn 254, Nailbiter 15, and Deadly Class #15; IDW Publishing Transformers: More That Meets The Eye #43 and Ghostbusters: Get Real #2; Valiant Comics Book of Death: The Fall of Bloodshot; DC Comics’ Grayson #10, Bat Mite #3, The Flash Annual #4, and Batman: Detective #43.

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