Comics After Dark: Episode 122 (PODCAST)

comics after dark

Comics After Dark (A Weekly Comic Book Podcast): Episode 122 – The Dark Knight III: The Master Race

Comics After Dark: Your Weekly Comic Book Podcast starring MTR (@RattHaus), Nando Calrissian (@AwkCalrissian), Tiff (@FallonJ13), and Billy The Kid (@AbductPunx) THIS WEEK! The Comic Crew breaks down the history of The Dark Knight Trilogy and where we’re leading with frank Miller’s new Dark Knight III: The Master Race. Of Course! We talk about our Whack Attack! (Funny Stories), Comic Quickies (Rapid Fire News), Trailer Trash (Trailer Reviews) on Captain America: Civil War and Comic Book Reviews on Marvel Comics’ Silk #1, Image Comics’ Spawn #258, Justice League 3001 #6, and Oni Press Comics’ Rick and Morty #8.

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