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Comics Are Everywhere: Comic Based Pokies


Comic book hero’s at online casinos

The long list of comic book heroes expanding their digital presence continues as a number of characters are now appearing as stars of online casino games and pokies. Following a string of blockbuster Hollywood movie success for characters from DC and Marvel comics, the likes of Ironman, Hulk, Batman and Spiderman have all recently appeared as characters in online pokies.

We take a look at what the future holds for other comic book characters, and where they will appear next. Many comic book fans were surprised when the announcement of such characters appearing in pokies, but as both superheroes and online gambling become more mainstream, and more commercial, there are also a number of people who saw this coming.


Which are the best comic book hero pokies?

We have to say the developers of these games have done a fantastic job transforming the stars of these comics into an entertaining to play pokies game. The bonus features on each game are packed with movie footage, as well as games involving the each characters’ special powers. The sounds, graphics and gameplay of each are really exceptional, and developers such as Playtech and Microgaming deserve a pat on the back for their efforts. All of these games can be enjoyed at PokiesPalace.

So which are our favourite games? Below is a countdown of the top 5 as of late 2015:

Iron Man 3 Kotobukiya

5) Ironman

The Ironman pokies have been so popular that there have been sequels 2 & 3 released to coincide with the movie sequels. However, in our opinion it is the original that is the best.


4) X-Men

Another titles from the Marvel range, the X-men pokie game features stunning graphics and bonus rounds.


3) Spiderman attack of the Green Goblin

This online pokie game has a much more old-school feel to it, and really does justice to the historical battles in the comics between Spiderman and the Green Goblin.


2) Hulk

Hulk was one of the first comic book themed characters to be transformed into an online pokie, and it was the success of this game that has inspired so many further releases of games based on comic book hero’s.


1) Batman – The Dark Knight Rises

Our favourite comic book themed pokies game is the latest Batman instalment from Microgaming features sounds and movie footage from the amazing characters including Commissioner Gorden and Bane!

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