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Comics Breaking! – Throne of Blood: Birth of a Vampire

Love vampires? How about Marvel Comics? Well then, Marvel might have an upcoming release that’s right up your dark alley…

Here are the words of introduction as forwarded to my inbox from Marvel Comics this morning.


Out Of The Shadows, Into The Marvel Universe

A game changer in Fear Itself stands revealed.

He will leave the Marvel Universe a different place.

His story begins here.

Thought you knew everything about Vampires?

Don’t be so sure.

You’ll never look at vampires the same way ever again.


Throne of Blood: Birth of a Vampire will be Written by Victor Gischler, who is well known for his novel Vampire A Go Go and is of course no stranger to the use of Vampires in the Marvel Universe. Throne of Blood: Birth of a Vampire will be Penciled by Goran Parlov, and the Cover Artist has yet to be announced.

All in all, if you like Vampires, Marvel, and Comic Books, the odds are good you’ll love this fusion of the three. Throne of Blood: Birth of a Vampire is set for sales release on April 6th, 2011 at a Comic Book Store near you.

While you wait, feel free to wet your Comic Book pallet on some of Victor Gischler and Goran Parlov’s other highly noted works in the Marvel Universe by following the links I’ve placed in the paragraph above, and we here at Comic Booked will all meet you back here for a review when the waiting sun sets and the Vampires come out to play.

I will now leave you with the official technical details on Throne of Blood: Birth of a Vampire,  just as they were listed out for me.

Enjoy, and see you again soon. – N





Cover by TBA

Parental Advisory $3.99

FOC – 3/14/11, On Sale – 4/6/11


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Comments (10)

Eh. More Vampires? I've been over the whole Vampire thing since 'Blade: The Series'.

Brieanna Brock

Yay, I love vampires. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks Nicole

I understand. I'm picky about my Vampires, so for me it's always a "wait and see" sort of deal.

Awesome! So glad I shared then.

I used to LOVE Vampires. THen they oversaturated the market with them. I loved the Blade film series and I STILL Love the Lost Boys. Thats about it thougha s far as how much I'd like to see Vampires in my entertainment.

It's true. Vampires have really lost their modern bite.

Consider me interested! Of course Blade will be in this at some capacity!

I think this sounds excellent!

Awesome. Looking forward to hearing what you guys think.

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