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Comics Casting Couch: Guardian Devil

Posted on Apr 27, 2014 by in Features | 0 comments

Daredevil Montage

The Plot

Karen Page is diagnosed with HIV. Foggy Nelson is wanted for murder. And just when he thought his luck couldn’t get any worse, Daredevil is suddenly faced with caring for an infant left at his doorstep who may or may not be the Anti-Christ. Throw in a slew of amazing guest stars, an exploration of themes so vital and nuanced that they redefined superhero storytelling, and the rebirth of one of the most underrated villains of the Marvel Universe, Mysterio, master of illusions.


The Creatorsdaredevil Guardian Devil Screen Rebellion

Just imagine Kevin Smith directing the ultimate superhero movie, the Marvel film that will rise above just campy blockbuster fun. It would be based on his own comic book storyline, rumored to be already written in screenplay format, with series artist and current Marvel big shot, Joe Quesada, serving as executive producer.




Tom Cruise as Daredevildaredevil Guardian Devil Screen Rebellion

He’s charismatic enough to pull off hotshot blind lawyer Matt Murdock during the day and enough of an asshole to pull off the always-conflicted, never-wrong uber-vigilante, Daredevil. Love him or hate him, he’s the only choice for the hero who isn’t defined by his abilities, but rather what he can’t do.




Carrie Mulligan as Karen Page

Tragic, beautiful, and acting chops to boot. She’s a perfect fit.

daredevil Guardian Devil Screen Rebellion


Kevin Smith as Foggy Nelson

The lovable loser with a heart of gold. Smith would add the much-needed comic relief to the dark world of Daredevil.


Milla Jovovich as Black Widowdaredevil Guardian Devil Screen Rebellion

The role she was practically born to play. I’m half convinced that Ms. Jovovich might actually be the real-life version of Natasha Romanoff. Plus, who wouldn’t love to see her match wits with (not to mention bitch-slap) Tom Cruise?





Kevin Spacey as Mysterio

Hands down, the very best bad guy actor in Hollywood. Just imagine him delivering that final monologue that would forever change him as a character and ultimately define the entire body of work that is Kevin Smith’s comic book work. He’d send chills down every moviegoer’s spine.

daredevil Guardian Devil Screen Rebellion

Topher Grace as Spider-Mandaredevil Guardian Devil Screen Rebellion

To be completely honest with you, he’s the only thing about the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy that I enjoyed. Yes, he was horribly miscast as Venom. But seeing him on screen with the equally miscast Tobey Maguire proved one thing and one alone: He was the only true choice for Spider-Man. This would be his chance to play the role we know he could nail.


Bradley Cooper as Bullseye

In my opinion, Bradley Cooper is the only working professional deserving of the title “Great American Actor.” This is his chance to prove himself not only as a great villain, but perhaps pave the way for a supporting Oscar as a comic book Super-Villain. Heath Ledger did it. Now it’s time for Marvel to prove that they can do a DC villain-worthy performance and set a new and exciting tone for each and every awards season.

daredevil Guardian Devil Screen Rebellion

And John Goodman as the Kingpindaredevil Guardian Devil Screen Rebellion

Is there anyone else out there who could embody the ultimate crime lord? I think not. Wilson Fisk could be given a great cameo, made so much classier by John Goodman.


So there it is! My casting for a movie that lots of people in the industry claim can’t (or won’t) be made. What do you think? Sound off below or yell at me on twitter. I’d love to hear your thoughts and argue with you!
See you next time on Comics Casting Couch… I’ll save you a seat.

Comics Casting Couch: Guardian Devil

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