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Comics Casting Couch: Kingdom Come

Posted on Mar 27, 2014 by in Features, The Screen | 0 comments

The Plot

In an alternate future where the world is on the brink of destruction, the superheroes are all significantly older and hardened by years of battle. A new and more violent generation is threatening to replace them in order to save the world from itself, villainous allies are sprouting up from within, and the world hasn’t heard from Superman in years. Being plagued by horrific visions of the future, everyman preacher Norman McCay is forced to bear witness as the heroes make their final stand against their enemies, both new and old, and ultimately make what will be the greatest sacrifice of their lives on a battlefield against the men and women they used to call their friends. This is widely regarded as the best comic book story of the last two decades. It is also considered to be unfilmable.


The Creators

Just imagine Clint Eastwood directing his magnum opus, the final and unbeatable superhero film to end all superhero films, with Mark Waid writing the screenplay, with Alex Ross serving as executive producer.


Clint Eastwood as Norman McCayComics Casting Couch: Kingdom Come

Who better to play the main character, a likeable yet grumpy old man who has seen everything, good and bad, and is beginning to question everything after he is plagued by nightmarish visions of a future he can do nothing to prevent? That’s right. The director himself, one of the finest actors of our generation. This would be a perfect final role for Mr. Eastwood, both as the man on the screen as well as behind the camera.


George Clooney as Superman

Who wouldn’t want to see him as the Man of Steel? He’s likeable. He’s charismatic. And let’s face it, if there were such things as superhumans, we’d probably rally around them without a second’s thought if they looked like Clooney.


Michael Keaton as Batman

I’ve always felt he was the perfect Batman because he was the only actor in all of the years of various live-action Caped Crusader who felt like he wasn’t acting. I think Michael Keaton might actually be Batman. This would be a great “nod” to the Tim Burton films and would also just be great to see Keaton kicking ass while smirking.


Catherine Zeta-Jones as Wonder WomanComics Casting Couch: Kingdom Come

Let’s face it, Catherine Zeta-Jones is classy, beautiful, and quite possibly the classiest actress in the history of Hollywood. If anyone can do the character justice, it’s her. I mean, come on. Just look at her.


Jeremy Irons as the Spectre

The voice alone is worth casting him in the role. I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly how I feel like the angel of death and an agent of God would sound like. Plus, he was Scar in The Lion King. That’s about as much gravitas as the rest of the cast combined in a single voice.


Bryan Cranston as Magog

Let me spell it out for you as plainly as humanly possible: Walter White with superpowers.


Ralph Fiennes as Lex Luthor

The epitome of a perfect bad guy actor playing the greatest villain in the history of comic books. Sounds like a plan to me.


Tom Hanks as Shazam!Comics Casting Couch: Kingdom Come

Who doesn’t love Tom Hanks? Terrorists, that’s who don’t love Tom Hanks. Now, just imagine if Tom Hanks was forced, against his will, to lie in bed with the bad guys and turn his back on everyone and everything that he ever believed in? That could be effective casting. Just the idea of Hanks going toe-to-toe with Clooney would be enough to sell this film.


And Robin Williams as the Joker

He’s terrifying. And he’s only going to have about a five minute role, but his act has to be so horrible, so life-altering, and so heinous that it forces Superman into retirement. If anyone has proven themselves as both comedic and dramatic actor extraordinaire over the last several decades, it’s Mr. Williams. This is a scene-stealing role, and he deserves it.


So there it is! My casting for a movie that lots of people in the industry claim can’t (or won’t) be made. What do you think? Sound off below or yell at me on twitter. I’d love to hear your thoughts and argue with you!


See you next time on Comics Casting Couch… I’ll save you a seat.

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