Comics Confidential- Eternal Con- Day 2- Cos-Play Madness!

eternal con pic

My name is Raphael Moran. Not only am I a writer here at but I’m also a comic creator as well. My first comic series, Dream Reavers was published by Ape Entertainment over 3 years ago. Since then I’ve had a number of graphic novels and comics published by other publishers all over the world. Comic Confidential is a series of articles about my journey in the shark invested waters of the comic business. In this installment I’m going to detail my trip to Long Island’s “Eternal Con” artist alley where I was signing and selling my work to the masses. You can read about Day 1 at Eternal Con here. However I couldn’t fit all the greatness into one article so here are some highlights from Day 2 of Eternal Con.

Like all Comic Cons, Eternal Con was littered with great Cos-players of all shapes and sizes. I don’t know about you, but this is one of my favorite aspects of Comic Con. Who are Cos-players you ask? Well they’re the wonderful people that dress up at Comic-Con as some of our favorite comic characters. Some of the fun is sometimes trying to figure out who the hell they’re dressed as. Then you have the eye candy. You can sometimes see more skin at Comic-Con than on the beach. There were so many Cos-players from every corner of the con I wish I could have captured them all on camera.

Where else but Comic Con can you see enemies like Batman and Joker hang out? 


Or watch a lifelike Alien loom over a terrified boy?


Let’s not forget the various Star Wars characters… 

bobba fett



Here are some other random Cos-players.captain america

dr. who


Also some Cos-players that were fans of my work as well…


Oh and of course zombies…


zombies 2

All in all I have to say this was one of the most unique Comic Cons I’ve ever gone too. I hope it doesn’t get commercialized and overcrowded like a lot of these other cons. It was a great experience for everyone involved. Hopefully I can make it there at artist alley next year and maybe I’ll you some of you there as well.

Issue #1 of my comic series, Dream Reavers is now available on comixology here.  It’s also available at Drive thru comics here.  You can read some of my other installments of Comic Confidential here.  Follow me on Twitter @RaphaelMoran and follow Dream Reavers at

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