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Comics Confidential- Long Island, Eternal Con-Day 1

eternal con pic

My name is Raphael Moran. Not only am I a writer here at Comic Booked, but I’m also a comic creator as well. My first comic series, Dream Reavers was published by Ape Entertainment over 3 years ago. Since then I’ve had a number of graphic novels and comics published by other publishers all over the world. Comic Confidential is a series of articles about my journey in the shark-infested waters of the comic business. In this installment, I’m going to detail my trip to Long Island’s “Eternal Con” Artist Alley, where I was signing and selling my work to the masses.

 eternal con


It took place on Father’s Day weekend at the same time that New York had two other comic cons running at the same time. Manhattan had NYCC Special Edition, and Albany had their own Comic Con upstate as well, but that didn’t stop the large crowd that attended this show. When I arrived to set up my booth the line stretched around the block just to get inside. This was my first time at this Con so I had no idea what to expect, but to my surprise it turned out to me one of the most enjoyable Cons I’ve ever been too. There was everything that other Cons had.  There were famous comic artists like Adam Kubert, Amanda Conner, Mark Morales, and others.  There were a ton of cosplayers and vendors.  There was even a large selection of celebrities. I’m sure I saw a few Power Rangers, X-Men, and Lost actors in the mix. Check out the website and find out more.


It was three floors of amazement. This Con took place in a actual Museum called the Cradle of Aviation. Like the name implies, it was filled with countless life-size replicas of airplanes and space shuttles. Every corner was had a little nook of history to be learned. So this made this the first time I ever went to a Con and learned about things. The whole place was like a grand maze of amusement. Some hallways leading to a “Chamber of Horrors” with ghouls at every angle. Another hallway led to a section filled with movie replicas. Did I also mention the most important thing of all…There was FREE parking! That alone brought it up a few notches to me. Tickets are also cheaper than any of the other New York Comic Cons. Check out some of these cool pics I took at the Con.

 apes 2





My booth was in the corner of the top floor at Artist Alley with a great view of the entire con on my ledge. I met a ton of new fans and made great new connections. Overall, I have to say it was one of the more enjoyable Cons I’ve gone to in my many years in this business and it’s only the second year they’ve done this. I’m sure they’ll get bigger every year just like NYCC and SDCC. Stay tuned to the second part of my article for a ton of great Cosplay pics from Eternal Con.

 zombie 2

Issue #1 of my comic series, Dream Reavers is now available on comixology here.  It’s also available at Drive thru comics here.

You can read some of my other installments of Comic Confidential here.

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