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Comics Confidential – NYCC 2013 Overview Part 1

NYCC crowd

Another New York Comic Con has gone down in the record books.     I didn’t think it was possible, but it was actually bigger this year than it was last year.   It was so jam packed with people that it took me a good half hour just to get to the other side of the convention center.   This was the first time that I didn’t have a table at the Con so I had a lot of free time to wonder around.     Here are some of the sites and scenes I took in.

whoopie goldberg at nycc

Whoopie!   That’s right.   I ran into none other than Whoopie Goldberg at the Con.  I have no idea if she was filming a segment for a show or just wondering around, but the lady had a entourage as long as the line for the ladies bathroom.    One guy was fanning her, while another did her makeup as she walked, then there were a couple huge guys that looked like her bodyguard.

rocky balboa

YO! ANDRIENE!    No that’s not the real Stallone.   The real one was charge over 400 dollars just for a autograph.   Personally I thought this was a better picture to get.

Raphael Moran with the Avengers

The First Avenger showed up.    Ok… That’s another statue, but it was cool to stand next to these guys.   Speaking of which, Coulson’s flying car, LOLA made an appearance at the con as well.


Marvel had a huge presence at the Con, but DC didn’t feel left out.   Here’s a look at the hall of Superman costumes.   I attended the 75 years of Superman panel as well.   Bruce Timm, Dan Didio and others were in attendance.   They talked about the backlash they got over Man of Steel.  They all were proud of the product.   It’s the exact response they wanted from people.  They said they wanted to change Superman for a new audience and this is what Superman will be for the future.     Bruce Timm even said he loved the fact that Superman killed Zod.   I loved it as well.   I don’t see what the whole problem was anyhow.   They ended their panel with a stunning short animated film created by Bruce Timm and Zack Snyder.

superman suits

Oh and did I mention that this panel was super crowded.  Pun intended.

crowd nycc

Stay tuned as I give a rundown on all the great indie comics and artists I met at artist Alley as well as all the cool Cosplay people I saw.   In the mean time, here are some more random pics I took from the Con.  Enjoy!





gears of war

wd car



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