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Comics Confidential: NYCC Overview Part 2 – Cosplay and Artist Alley


In the last part of this article I talked about my time at the New York comic con.   The Massive crowds, the cool toys, statues and even the surprise guests that showed up.      Clink on this link here to read about it.    So much went on at the con I couldn’t contain everything I saw in one article.   Now I’m going to talk about the “REAL” cool stuff.   One the best things about going to comic con is watching the cool cosplay folks.   Part of the fun is trying to figure just who that person is trying to be.  Sometimes its obscure and other times it’s just a super realistic.    Then you have the eye candy.   A lot of eye candy.     Two years ago Deadpool dominated the Cosplay scene.  Last year it was Adventure time.   This year however I didn’t see a dominate character.   There were a ton of them at the show and I wish I could have caught more of them, but here are the ones I got so far.   Enjoy.




ash cosplay


batman and harley

dr. strange


mass effectlittle mermaid



adventure time




It was sea of fans of all shapes and sizes.  At one point I was packed in so tight I felt like tuna in a can.   After surviving my first two days wondering the show floor and going to various panels, I decided to spend my last day at artist alley.   Since the alley was all the way hidden in the corner of the show it was a bit of a journey to get there.    To my surprise it was even more crowded than the main floor.   There were a ton of talent here.  Some were new faces and some were old friends.      First off I met Michael Sarraro and John Broglia.   I met them at the last NYCC.   They have a creator owned indie book called, Unmasked.  It’s a great series about a reporter trying to unmasked a new generation of violent superheroes.   USA Today recently did a series of articles based on these comics on their site.    Don’t miss out.

micheal sarraro

Up next were creators Dave Kelly and Lara Antal.   They have a comic series called, Tales of a Night Watchman.  This is another great indie with two very local NYC artists.  Dave is the writer and Lara is the artist.  Together they’ve started up a small press publisher called “So What Press.”   They’re taking part in a panel November 7 as part of the Brooklyn comics festival.   The panel will be held at Hullabaloo books in Brooklyn.   So if you’re in the NYC area, check them out.   Here’s the info. 

dave kelly

Of course I also took this chance to peddle some of my own comics.   I find that comic creators usually buy or trade with other comic creators.   So I made my rounds and sold as many copies of my new graphic novels, Techno-mancer and Flee as I could.     Check out writer John Lees (creator of the Standard and many great titles.) fantastic artist Shawn Alleyne, and the Devil is Due in Deary writer David Parkin with some of my books.



All in all it was a great show.   I was a little bummed that I didn’t get a table this year, but I made the most out of it anyway.   Hopefully next year I’ll be able to table here at Artist Alley.    It was a great comic Con.   For a comic creator its a great way to network with fellow creators and make new fans.   Be sure to support your indie comic creators.

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