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Comics Confidential – The Book Signings Never End…


[quote]It’s a long hard road for most indie creators.   Success never happens overnight.   I created this series of articles to show a side most fans don’t see.    There’s a lot of ups and many downs in the industry.   It’s a fight to stay afloat with constant barrage from giants at every turn.  You can put everything you have into something no one even likes, but you do it anyway because you just have to get that story out of you.    Here is a little glimpse at what happens in a day in the life of Indie Comic Creator, Raphael Moran… [/quote]


A couple of weeks ago I kicked off my new book signing campaign for my new graphic novel, FLEE.   My first stop was in Madison, New Jersey at a little comic shop called, Dewey’s Comic City.   I contacted the owner, Dan, and quickly met him at his store.   He’s a great guy that has been at that location for 20 years.   He’s seen all the ups and downs of the comic business.    He’s actually one of the few retailers I’ve met that totally support the influx of new readers through digital means.   I was so glad he took a chance on a no-name creator like me and allowed a signing in his great store.

Store poster

On the day of the signing I picked up my artist partner on the book, Ed Watson, and ventured from Brooklyn, NY toward New Jersey.   Countless miles and a couple of hours later, we finally arrive at our destination.   After setting up and meeting the staff we were on our way.   Our first soon-to-be fan was a little boy with his mom.   Ed was kind enough to draw a picture of Commander Flick from my book for the kid and we both signed the book for him.   That was the highlight of the day.   We’re not big names in this industry and we didn’t turn out lines that went around the block, but we met a bunch of great new fans.  I even managed to meet a couple of old fans from some of the various comic cons I’ve attended.   It was a great time with great new people.   Hopefully we gained some new fans in the process, too.

New Fan

The next stop in the book signing tour is in my home town in Brooklyn.   On Saturday, March 23rd at Galaxy Comics I’ll be signing copies of my books, FLEE and DREAM REAVERS.  Some of my biggest book signings have happened in Brooklyn and it’s great to be back in my home town.   I’ll have my fellow partner in crime, Ed, with me as well.  He’s also a local Brooklynite, so we should have a bigger crowd than normal.    There are 3 different Galaxy Comics locations in the borough and I’ve been clamoring to get a spot in one of them for a while. Hopefully if this one is a success we can make a return appearance soon for my new books.

new and old fans

After this, well… I’m not exactly sure.  I’m planning a few other places here and there.  Like I said, you need to keep pushing the fences and keep traveling to get the word out.  At this stage, no one is begging me to sign at their store.  In fact, it’s always the other way around.    Getting out there and meeting the fans is one of the greatest pleasures of being a comic creator.  After all, we do it all for them.

Galaxy Comics is located at 429 5th Ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn.   718-499-3222

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A writer friend of mine once said that she loved book signings because, and I quote, "Signing is the fun part! It's the whole book-writing part that stinks." Hahaha. Keep up the good work, man!

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