Comics, Now Part of a Balanced Breakfast?

Cereal Mmm

General Mills and DC Comics are teaming up to bring you some whole-grain comic goodness with your morning cereal.  Inside specially-marked boxes of ‘Big G’ brand cereal (Trix, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Golden Grahams), you will find custom editions of DC’s Justice League comic books!  The special comics will be in a smaller 5 X 7 inch format, but will still pack the same punch as their standard size counterparts.  These promotional comic books will run 24 pages in length, and only have one advertisement on page 2 that mentions that they are brought to readers by ‘Big G.’  The fun doesn’t end with the boxed issues either.  The superhero adventures will continue online at the website!

 General Mills DC Comics promo box


Julie Anderla, General Mills integrated communications manager had this to say:

“The kids are back in school and parents are trying to get them to read.  Illustrated books are a great way to get kids reading. Through social media, we hear parents having nostalgia for the days we had toys in the box.”

DC Justice League promo comicI couldn’t agree more.  I know many people that learned their love of reading from comic books when they were kids.  In a time when comic book publishers continually wonder how to turn the next generation of readers onto comics, this idea makes complete sense.  It is nice to see comics finally coming out of the shadows in an effort to entice new readers.  Love the DCnU relaunch or hate it, there is no denying that DC Comics is leading the charge to find innovative new ways to market comics.  It was so refreshing to see DC commercials on television, leading up to The New 52 release date.  If you are a fan of comics, then I am sure you want to see the industry be healthy and prosper.  Comic were once considered the reading domain of kids, and I for one love seeing the children not being forgotten in today’s brave new comic world.  Breakfast never tasted so delicious, as when enjoyed with a comic book!


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I just bought a box of Reese's Puffs with this promo. It had a comic inside and a cut-out Batman mask on the back.

James Victor Von Hal

Sweet, time for me to buy some more cereal.

It's good to see comics get onto new ways of advertising. When computer games have long ago stolen a march on comics – man the London Underground was covered with posters for Bioshock 2 months before it came out – so cereal boxes? It's a good start.

Good start for sure. Kids are already asking about them, so definitely worked!

I might have to start eat cereal again. LOL!

Hey the justice league! I love them, I better start looking out for these :))

Comics for breakfast! Yum!

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