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Convention – C2E2 Chicago Heroes & Villains Party


Geek Bar Chicago hosted the first 2015 Pre-party for one of Chicago’s biggest comic book conventions – C2E2.  Heroes from the local cosplay area were called to assist Geek Bar Chicago in eating free food and meeting great artists on the 24th of January.  Over 60 Heroes and their sidekicks answered the call at 7pm that night, with many others that filtered in and out until the bar opened back up to general onlookers and geeks desiring to game, talk, drink and rabble rouse until the early morn.   David Zoltan, Geek Bar founder and self proclaimed Geek Fleet Admiral was ultimate hero at the event by producing 4 excellent artists, a drawing contest, costume contest and wings, chicken strips, mini-burgers and ribs on the house for heroes with a  hunger.  Among other Notables in attendance were Paul Heid and Nyq Bonaventura – 2 of the 3 founders of ‘We Are Cosplay’- 3rd co-founder Angelique Starr Rickhoff was being a hero in another area of the city at the time.    Elliot Serrano was also there, a famous Geek tweeter and local word smith.  Artists Gene Ha, Art Baltazar, Mike Norton and Tim Seeley were entertaining, jovial and SNL worthy during their bantering with the babes and bros on scene.  Costume contest winners were Jenny Prado and Jonnie Lee with their costuming acumen and fantastic cosplay prowess!  Fun abounded, great cosplay exhibited and as always C2E2 and Geek Bar Chicago succeeded!  LOVED IT!!!!!   TOTAL ROCKSTAR RATING!!!



C2E2 Heroes Party 20151
Game of Thrones, Black Cat and Batwoman – friends???
C2E2 Heroes Party 20152
L to R – Jonnie Lee and Jenny Prado, both 1st place winners as peoples choice and Judges choice, pictured with their fellow cosplayers.
C2E2 Heroes Party 20153
Love these guys!!!
C2E2 Heroes Party 20154
Fleet Admiral and Founder of Geek Bar Chicago – David Zoltan
C2E2 Heroes Party 20155
Great vintage comic character Fat Fury and a Knight in Shining Armor
C2E2 Heroes Party 20157
Steampunk Flash – classic!
C2E2 Heroes Party 20156
Daft Punk at it’s best!! This is my fav cosplay of the evening!!!
C2E2 Heroes Party 20158
Da Boyz!! Guest, Gene Ha, Art Baltazar, Tim Seeley and Mike Norton
C2E2 Heroes Party 201511
Game of Thrones duo – Ultimate Protector and Dragon Mother
C2E2 Heroes Party 20159
Rascals and Rabble Rousers pic of the day
C2E2 Heroes Party 201510
Paul Heid, co-founder of ‘We Are Cosplay’
C2E2 Heroes Party 201512
Spider Woman – well done!


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