Convention Gallery: YourMinicon – Meriden, CT 17/18 January 2015


Yourminicon, Meriden, Connecticut

Welcome to a new feature here on Comic Booked where our very own cosplay enthusiast, Jen, will travel to conventions around the country and bring you the coolest costumes and personalities. Meriden CT hosted a great little con 17-18 January 2015, Yourminicon.  Cosplayers strutted their cosplay stuff in steampunk, anime, horror and classic comic book characters.  Kiss Forever played throughout the con entertaining artists, vendors and cosplayers with their musical talent.  Stars from Quest were in attendance in costume and friendly to fans during their interactions.  Overall it was a great surprise and well put together for a small venue.  Friendly folks with great cosplay up here in Meriden, CT!

YouminiconYouminicon Youminicon Youminicon Youminicon Youminicon YouminiconYouminiconYouminiconYouminiconYouminiconYouminiconYourminiconYourminicon

Yourminicon welcome party

Yourminicon Yourminicon Yourminicon

Yourminicon 2015

IMG_2919 IMG_2955

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Aaron Clutter

Really some cool costumes.

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