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Cosplay At Big Apple Con 2011


Aside from the fact that all of the comics and collectibles a nerd could possibly want are all in the same room, my personal favorite part about comic conventions are the cosplayers. At almost any kind of convention for anything even remotely geeky, be it comics, Star Trek or even Harry Potter, there will be someone cosplaying their favorite character from something. Whether it’s Spider-man, Batman, a Klingon, or even something as basic as a generic Umbrella Corp foot soldier, there are always people dedicated to bringing that character to life in the real world. This year’s Big Apple Con was no exception, as cosplayers showed up in troves to descend upon New York’s Penn Plaza Pavilion.

Before you even walk into the building it’s nearly impossible to avoid people decked out in full cosplay gear. I was personally greeted by Dr. Jonathan Crane himself; although you may know him better as the Batman villain Scarecrow. Within minutes of entering the con itself, it quickly became apparent that the cosplayers of Big Apple Con took themselves and their craft fairly seriously. Sure, there were the usual squads of Stormtroopers, but Big Apple Con also hosted several other cosplay guilds like the NYC Browncoats (who are themed around Joss Whedon’s Firefly/Serenity) and the NYC Cosplayer Network (who welcome cosplayers of all shapes and sizes to celebrate the craft in general). Overall Big Apple Con was host to a ton of great costumes, a good portion of which can be seen in the gallery below!
Mera and Aquaman
Donna Troy, Wonder Girl
The Scarecrow
Green Lantern Arisia
Robotech Mech
Bioshock’s Big Daddy
Psylocke and Iron Fist
Vampire Jubilee
Sinestro Corps Member
Dr. Strange and Dawn
Mandalorian and Pikachu
Spider-man! Both the Classic AND the 2099 versions!
If you yourself are a cosplayer, remember to check out and the cosplay section of our forums to post pictures and talk about anything and everything cosplay!

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