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Cosplay Fun at Chicago’s Anime Uchi-Con 2015


Anime Uchi-Con = free fun in Chicago.     Thank you University of Chicago Japanese Animation Society for putting on the best free one-day convention I’ve ever seen!  If you pre-registered you even got a color con badge – wish I would have known they were pretty cool.  Either way, volunteer staff kept you ‘in line’ to get your badge and through-out the con.

Con entrance, gaming, karaoke, photographers and access to Ada Palmer, the guest speaker were all free!  Yup… FREE (one of the better four letter words I know).  Food was available for purchase as was photographic prints of you in your attendee cosplay if you couldn’t wait for the digital version in a few days.   Both of these payables were reasonably priced and good quality.  Ronald Ladao Photography, UMO Photo and Eddie B photography were present among other well known ‘photo artists’ in the Chicago cosplay community (Ronald Ladao is my personal favorite).  This was an Anime gathering but Marvel, DC, Independent and random cosplays were fairly represented.   Uchi-Con general convention and cosplay rules prohibited anything over PG-13 (understood the logic behind this as quite a few attendees were still in high school and younger)…

Nicely put together con – (did I mention it’s FREE)!!!   Lots of attendees and far more people than I’ve seen at other small cons running for two days.  If Uchi-Con wasn’t on your calendar this year and you’re within a 2-3 hour commuting range -get here next year – fer sure!  The 2nd best part of this con was the fantastic photo locations on site (as pictured below) and the plethora of professional photographers.  I’ve included some of their pics as well!  Photo take-homes by the photo booth were $2-$3 dollars for small sizes and less than $10 for an 8X10!!  This paltry sum is SO worth it to have a  picture taken in the costume you spent so much time working on – it’s a steal!!!  Go – Go – GO!!!

Uchi-Con 2015 1
Alice in Wonderland cosplay – cute!
Uchi-Con 2015 2
Terry Dee and two of his Padawan in training
Uchi-Con 2015 3
With great balance comes great cosplay!
Uchi-Con 2015 4
Home to the Uchi-con Japanese karaoke scene
Uchi-Con 2015 6
Black Widow sneaks into the con
Uchi-Con 2015 7
Unified crime fighting! Even have an agent of Shield calling for back-up!
Uchi-Con 2015 9
Well done Anime – this is the best pose of the day
Uchi-Con 2015 8
Con crowd in the fabulous entrance way
Uchi-con 2015 Tauriel1
This is my favorite pic and cosplay of the day! Lots of work and accuracy represented here!


Uchi-Con 2015 10
Uchi-Con 2015 12
Photographer Ronald Ladao hard at work in his booth
Uchi-Con 2015 13
Love the Black Butler cosplay outside of the Uchi-con building
Uchi-con 201515
Great Tauriel cosplay and fabulous photo by Eddie B Photos
Uchi-con 201516
Steampunk was represented – photographed by UMO Photo, fab guy!
Uchi-con 201517
Ronald Ladao Photographer did this incredible anime photo
Uchi-Con 201518
‘The Good, The Bad and the Incredible photo’  by Ronald Ladao Photographer


Uchi-con 2015 Cafe:games1
This was the cafe, but folks snuck in their gaming here as well
Uchi-con 2015 Pimp daddy1
Dude cosplay



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