Cosplay Running Hot – Motor City Con 2015

motor city con

50,000 was the magic attendance number this weekend at Motor City Con in the Suburban Collection Showplace around Novi, MI!!!  Up 10k from last year, looks like 2015 was the year for Motor City Con!   Plan ahead for next year, this great facility has plenty of parking within walking distance of the con – but it fills up quickly during events and there’s zero guarantees next year (overflow parking was quickly filled every day).  Unless you’re coming for one day from near-by, suggest to get your tickets ahead of time – this year day passes ran from $25-35 and can add up fast if you decide to stay an extra day cause it’s ‘just that awesome.’

SO MUCH HERE!!!!!  MCC brought the big guns with over 60 celebrities, (among them – Chandler Riggs, Chloe Bennett, Robert Englund, Vivica Fox, Dean Cain, Tank Girl, William Shatner…) 100 plus exhibitors, 32 publishers/organizations, over 20 craft guests and 189 comic guests – WHEW!!!!  It was amazing, and that’s not even talking about the cosplay!  A ton of very creative people worked super hard on their costumes and were having fun touting great attitudes and friendly demeanors.  Definitely a cosplay and costuming friendly environment.

Some great comic guests were here that we rarely get to have the privilege of meeting; John Ostrander, Arvell Jones and Kevin West!  Some up and coming comic guests to watch in the future are Andrew Heath, Mayon Maxey, Stu Rase and Onhrie Kompan.  Get Your Geek On and Culture Junkies are two great online venues that serve the Geek in all of us – check them out if you get a chance!

Novi, MI is not too far from Detroit, MI and centrally located enough to make it a long day drive – but totally worth it!  Prediction:  Some intense changes are going to happen for next year, we’ll definitely see larger attendance with a huge cosplay community and more celebrity guests.  Parking will probably prove difficult so plan ahead to arrive early.  Get your costumes ready, perhaps next years costume contest will have even better prizes and even more intense competition – the stakes are rising!  If you have to choose one day, as always, Saturday is the big day for cosplay and this year had the largest attendance.

Enjoy the fantastic cosplays below, some super stuff from the con floor!  Fav cosplay for Sunday – Ariel and her beau!  He carried her all around the con (fin issues) and would gently place her on the ground to take pictures with the wee ones!  Never saw such a cute thing before – it was absolutely adorable and the little ladies loved them!  It was literally – ‘the sweetest thing ever seen’ – what a guy!  (runner up was the fun Borderlands duo)!!!


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2015 Motor City Comicon50 2015 Motor City Comicon43 2015 Motor City Comicon44 2015 Motor City Comicon45 2015 Motor City Comicon46 2015 Motor City Comicon38 2015 Motor City Comicon37 2015 Motor City Comicon33 2015 Motor City Comicon34 2015 Motor City Comicon35 2015 Motor City Comicon31 2015 Motor City Comicon32 2015 Motor City Comicon29

2015 Motor City Comicon28
Yi Soon Shin comics – amazing original artwork – creator Onrie Kompan
2015 Motor City Comicon23
Suicide Squad writer – the famous John Ostrander – fantastic guy!!!
2015 Motor City Comicon26
Artist Kevin West is hilarious – luv him!
2015 Motor City Comicon27
Fantastic artist Mayon Maxey from M.E. Comics – great unique comic!
2015 Motor City Comicon24
Legendary Arvell Jones – Marvel and DC artist
2015 Motor City Comicon25
Prince Delight Comics – ‘The Undad’ – very nice people, really liked them! The Undad by Stu Rase and great!!!
2015 Motor City Comicon04
Artist Andrew Heath had the most popular table at the con, pretty unique art here – check him out!
2015 Motor City Comicon06
Get Your Geek on Radio Show cast! The best team! 🙂
2015 Motor City Comicon07
Culture Junkies booth at the convention – fantastically charismatic guys – more can be found at Great interviews and fan based info!

2015 Motor City Comicon20 2015 Motor City Comicon21 2015 Motor City Comicon22 2015 Motor City Comicon19 2015 Motor City Comicon11 2015 Motor City Comicon12 2015 Motor City Comicon13 2015 Motor City Comicon14 2015 Motor City Comicon08 2015 Motor City Comicon09 2015 Motor City Comicon10 2015 Motor City Comicon05 2015 Motor City Comicon01 2015 Motor City Comicon02

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