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Cosplayers Unite!

Featured Victoria Paege

Growing up reading comics, I generally stayed away from manga and anime. Not because I had anything against it, but because I hadn’t been introduced to it. When I started going to conventions and seeing people dressed as characters I wasn’t yet aware of, my eyes were open to a completely new genre.
After my first convention I went home, hopped online and started looking up everything cosplay and cosplay related that I could find. I fell in love. Cosplay wasn’t only fun, it was adorable, hot, sexy and a way to pay respect to your favorite stories and artists. I decided, quickly, that cosplay was something I was going to do. I browsed every manga book I could get my hands on. There were so many possibilities, and having not read too many, I was looking for the easiest things to grab onto like— coolest hair and best outfit. After a month or two I decided to pick from things I was more aquainted with. I immediatly found X-23.cosplay

I started with NYX (the first appearance of X-23), and kept reading, picking up ideas along the way.  I put my outfit together just in time for last years Phoenix Coomicon and I got to show it off during interviews and while walking around on preview night.  I had many other costumes that weekend but “X” is what started it all.  Her attitude and demeanour sealed the deal.

What was your first cosplay outfit and why did you pick it? If you’ve yet to pick something– let me know your ideas!

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Comments (4)

Jason Edwards

Glad to see someone picked an actual cool character, instead of ol' Elektra.

I'll be doing my first actual cosplay this weekend for Emerald City. I'll be going as Dum Dum Dugan, it took along time to find a chubby guy.

The thing that might throw it off, is my currently green hair.

My first cosplay was Nightwing. The costume was pretty terrible though hahaha. After that I made a homemade Robin costume (also Terrible) and a homemade Green lantern Kyle Rayner costume (which wasn't too bad actually!). After that, I took about a year putting together a Link costume from Legend of Zelda, which came out AMAZING. For halloween last year I made a pretty solid Winter Soldier costume and right now I'm putting together a Jason Todd Red Hood costume!

Victoria Paege

Thank you Jason, I wanted to make sure that I didn't pick the easiest thing I could find. I took my time for sure ^_^

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