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Costumers With A Cause – Cosplay at Volo Auto Museum

motor city con

On 29 March, 2015, Costumers With A Cause (Midwest) President Scott Whipple and Volo Auto Museum teamed up and provided an incredible day of Superheroes and Princesses for Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin residents to enjoy with a portion of the proceeds going to the St. Judes Research Hospital – thanks to the generosity of the folks at the Volo Auto Museum!  This costumed event on Sunday was a precursor to the ‘Night at the Museum’ BIG EVENT at 7 p.m. on Friday, 3 April, 2015.  This Sunday and the upcoming Friday, 3 April 2015 volunteer costumed charity events are to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Brian Grams, the owner of Volo Auto Museum has allowed Costumers With A Cause to use the museum as a venue for patrons to take photographs with SO MANY costumed characters during the charity walk fundraiser.

If you’re planning to be in the local area of Volo, Il on Friday, 3 April, 2015, come in and check out the cosplayers and costumers that will be dressed and ready to snap pics with you!  Some of the expected cosplayers who will be posing by their respective cars will be: a Mad Max group, a Cinderella group, Ninja Turtles, TONS of Disney characters, Batman and Robin, Back to the Future, Aliens, Terminators, Ghostbusters, Avengers, the Blues Brothers, etc… It’s going to be huge and fantastic!

The Volo Auto Museum is a marvelous car museum with amazing auto collections to view, walk through and take pictures of.  Some of their collections include Hollywood cars, Bizarre cars, Kids zone cars, cars of the stars, Duesenberg cars, theater cars, pre-war classics, early Ford’s, etc… It’s an intense attraction that is well worth the drive!  The best part on Friday will be the costumers and cosplayers dressed up and standing by their prescribed cars where you can snap a picture with them!

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Costumers With A Cause and Costumers With A Cause (Midwest) are incredible groups – the Midwest mission is: “to work together with children’s charity organizations and charity events that promote community growth, unity, and hope for every child’s future. Together we believe that a world of difference can be made with a smile, photo or a single hello. It is our goal to utilize our talents to the best of our abilities in order to make a child’s day brighter.”  The group is made up of all volunteer cosplayers and costumers that give happily of their own time and resources to come to requested events to provide entertainment and photo opportunities to brighten young children’s lives.  

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Cosplayers, this group is SO fantastic for you to get involved in, especially if you like to volunteer with fellow costumers and truly ‘wear your costumes all year long!’  Seeing children’s eyes grow big when they see their favorite superhero or princess or movie character seemingly come to life in front of them is priceless!  There are many divisions of Costumers With A Cause that you can join, just get online and look into your area and see if anything is available!  This is a great group to meet new cosplay costumers, to work on costumes more than just for conventions, and get some great kudos when you’re dressed in your favorite getup!


Volo princess
Batman (aka Scott Whipple), and his event Princesses get ready for the swarms of eager little superheroes and princesses that came to the Spring Break Princess and Superhero day at Volo Auto Museum. Photo courtesy of Carole Brown
Great opportunity to sit in a very comfy throne and take pictures with the princesses! Photo courtesy of Carole Brown


volo director
Nick Fury keeps an eye out for any shenanigans during the fundraising event! Photo courtesy of Carole Brown
volo spikdy
Spiderman keeps attendees entertained and feeling safe, with Sponge Bob looking on!
Twice the Batman fun – combined with an original Batmobile – AWESOME!!! Photo courtesy of Carole Brown
volo group2
An Agent of Shield trying to make sure Loki behaves and no Secret War erupts during the event!
volo alien
One of the fantastic replicas of a movie character within the Volo Auto Museum! This one is SO good!
volo barbie
The new Barbie exhibit! Great pink ride!
volo group
Attendee folks walking through!
volo ghostbusters
Captain America is leading the team! Photo courtesy of Carole Brown
High five takes on new meaning when it’s with Batman!!! Photo courtesy of Carole Brown
1st snowmobile
Really cool! One of the very first snowmobiles!
Fred Flintstone’s car is one of the incredible Hollywood cars kids love at the museum!


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