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Court of Owls Coming to Gotham Season 3

Court of Owls

” All Will Be Judged.”

That’s the tagline for the upcoming season of Fox’s hit Television show Gotham.  The end of season two found the Court of Owls teased as a secret, villainous and nefarious group behind some of the events of that season such as Hugo Strange.

Gotham executive producer John Stevens recently sat down for an interview with Zap2It “We will dive much more deeply into them in Season 3,”  He goes on to state in the same interview; “The Court of Owls, this sort of illuminati group that’s been pulling the strings behind Gotham for centuries and might be the real culprits in the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, among other things.”

Season 3
Season 3

Season Three of Gotham premieres on Monday September 19th on the Fox Network.

On Saturday July 23rd, a special panel will be conducted at the San Diego Comic Con from 2:10pm to 3:0pm in the Hilton San Diego Bayfront’s Indigo Ballroom, during which additional questions will be answered and surely more details revealed.



So who are the Court of Owls?  Created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, the Court of Owls are a secret society in the city of Gotham.  They first are mentioned in 2011 for issue number two of the second volume of Batman. Their first full appearance is a few issues later in issue number 5.  Essentially, the Court of Owls is akin to the Hellfire Club, an ancient cabal of the ultra elite and wealthy of Gotham that control many aspect of what happens in the city, but remain behind the scenes.  They include hotel owners, politicians and nobleman and enlist an army of “Talons”, that is assassins to carry out their deeds.  They also influence and control some of the more famous of Gotham’s villains and are the driver behind their motivations at times.

The Court of Owls have appeared on film once before, in the animated Batman Vs Robin.


Court of Owls

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