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The Crafting Couch: Freek Show Interview


Welcome to another installment of The Crafting Couch. This week we are talking with Apprielle Wüitron better known to her fans as Freek Show. I had the opportunity to sit down and ask a few questions of this amazing artist/crafter who works in multiple mediums from painting to polymer clay.Freek ShowFreek Show

CB: Do you prefer to be called Apprielle or Freek Show?
“I prefer to be called Apprielle.”

CB: What is your favorite Genre and why?
“I like the alternative genre. love the darker things in life.
The beauty in what is different has always fed my appetite to be
who I am today.”

CB: You work with a lot of different Mediums in your art, what is your favorite?
“Painting would have to be my favorite. I don’t paint the same thing twice
(unless requested). I love giving myself a challenge to see how many
styles of art I can make.”

CB: What has been a driving force for inspiration for you?
“My grandma. She always told me I liked “off the wall” things.
Told me I can do anything. Always asked how my shop was doing and at the
time not so well, until her passing. It drove me to make her proud of me.”

CB: Are you a Con goer? Whats your most memorable moment?
“I’ve been to Dallas ComicCon last year, had a blast.
My most memorable moment was when I met Robert Englund.
I made him a resin Freddy Glove, he adored it and gave me
a free autograph. The people in line in back of me looked
PISSED. I was a very happy camper that day!”

CB: What is the piece you are most proud of?
“Whatever my next piece is. I use different techniques with every
painting. Each one I made, I was more proud than the last.”

CB: Do you have a message or words of advice for up and coming artists?
“Whatever medium you are good at. Keep at it, don’t let talent dwindle
into nothing. I find it a waste of talent to let something you loved
at one point slip away.”

Apprielle’s work can be seen on her Facebook, instagram, and website, so be sure to check her out.

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