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Have you ever gone to a con and went down Artist Alley. You see a ton of really cool stuff. All of which takes that artist several hours and a lot of blood and sweat to make. How do I know this you ask, I am one of those artists you might run into from time to time at a Con or two, to be more specific my wife and I (can’t leave her out or she would kill me). We have a small business that we take from con to con to sell our Geekwares and accessories, now I’m not saying we are alone in this endeavor and by no means do we think our stuff is better than anyone else. What I am trying to get at is each week I will strive to find great Geekcrafters out there over the net and bring them to you so that you can see the truly talented artist that create those unique and wonderful pieces you see when you go to a con and you walk down Artist Alley.

dicebag20My wife and I started our business which you can see on our Facebook page about 4 years ago, we had an idea to make custom jewelry but noticed that a ton of people make handmade jewelry and we wanted something different and unique. We sat down and thought of are passion for comic books, movies, and, gaming and decided to create items based on those things we loved, with in a few years we went from doing local vendor shows to doing small cons and now we have shows almost all year long.

We make handmade chain mail items and resin crafted pieces that we hand paint trying to get the best detail we can for each piece and trust me we are the hardest critics for our items than anyone. It takes days to make a few high quality pieces which we feel are good enough to sell. We spend many days getting cuts and blisters and ending up with stiff joints after a long hard day of making new items, but we wouldn’t change it for the world. Why is it worth it you ask, it is obviously not the money and yes this will sound cheesy, it is that pure joy you see in someones face when they find that perfect piece that you spent so long in making, that look that lights up their faces as they squeal in joy at finding their favorite character, or symbol, or piece of jewelry. That is why we craft.

This is just my introduction to you on what I hope will be an ongoing look into the Geek crafting world. I hope to bring you some great interviews with some interesting and talented artist in future installments. If you do visit our Facebook page send us a like.

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