The Crimson Blur Gets Comic Booked!

The Crimson Blur

Hey everyone it’s BalbowskiNation AKA Bruce Balbowski from The Quest Web Series AKA Sean Swanson! I had the pleasure to sit down with The Crimson Blur from The Quest Web Series in a one on one interview to ask him some questions about his life behind the scenes. This is the first of an ongoing interview series featured on Comic Booked Studios. What better way to start the interviews than with the main hero himself, The Crimson Blur. His real name is Colin Bass, but don’t tell anyone…especially the super villains.

(From L to R) Bruce Balbowski, Crimson Blur, Diesel, Jade Sorcerer
(From L to R) Bruce Balbowski, Crimson Blur, Diesel, Jade Sorcerer

As Production Manager of Comic Booked Studios I am here to bring you quality videos while we try to build a loyal fan base! I thought it would be a good idea to give the existing fans a closer look into the lives of the characters, while also building new fans in the process. We recently uploaded two full seasons of The Quest onto ComicBooked.TV and we have another season lined up, ready to film. For those of you who don’t know, The Quest is a Super Hero Web Series starring The Crimson Blur and ME, BRUCE BALBOWSKI! Here’s a quick self described gist of the show, by me. Super Heroes, Volvers, Serums, Explosions, Guns, Super Speed, Tights, Babes, and most importantly Bruce Balbowski!

I hope you guys enjoyed the first video in the interview series. Stay tuned for the next interview conveniently titled, Diesel Gets Comic Booked! For those of you who love super villains, you definitely don’t want to miss it! And make sure to follow me on…


Justin Wood’s Deviant Art Page (Check it out, he’s really talented)

And if you hit me up, I will reply! And that’s a Bruce Balbowski Promise.

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Excellent article dude! Do you think you'll do Season 3 sneak peeks with each interview?

Scott Harrigan



Awesome man!!!


Soooo looking forward to season 3!


I hope so dude

Thanks and yeah i'm thinking about it! Great question!


Great interview! Can't wait for the next one!

Get ready for BIG DIESEL!!! haha

Thank you! I hope you like super villains because Diesel is next!!!


Didn't this already happen lol

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