Crimson Blur Takes On SDCC!

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What’s up, comic fans?! I just finished one of the best weekends of my life at San Diego Comic-Con! I was dressed up as Clark Kent from Smallville and it really made my experience so much better. So if you’re going to a convention, don’t be afraid to dress up! Even a simple super hero shirt shows you are a fan and that you support the industry. Ok, onto my convention adventure!

Like any convention, my first step was to get my pass. Thanks to the awesome company I work for, I got a  five-day press pass. I was set and I was stoked!

Now there were quite a few different options for the big convention bags they give out every year. There were bags sponsored by Lego Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory, Fringe (among many others), but mine was the best:
Say what you will about the DC reboot, but this bag is made of awesome. It has my top two DC characters and, in my opinion, they look bad spectacular. There is one way to make the bag better, though:

It seemed like DC was doing just about anything to get us hyped about the reboot. I went to the panel and Bob Harras (DC’s Editor in Chief) literally said, “What can we do to get you guys excited about this? What can we change or who can we hire to get you guys on our side?” Which I thought was really cool of him to say. DC held four panels in four days so that hopefully they can gain some more positive feedback.

After my failed attempt at meeting Stan Lee, I decided I would get Comic Booked in the spotlight by getting some autographs addressed to Comic Booked! Here’s what I got…

This is only the beginning of my SDCC adventure, so stick around and I’ll have some more posts up really soon, like a review of the world premiere of Batman: Year One!

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