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Crimson Vision Studios Gets Comic Booked! Part 2


Crimson Vision Studios is currently working on Episode 3 of their ‘Quest Saga’, but luckily for us there is still an Episode 2 and a Minisode 2.5! Last time we interviewed Sean Swanson AKA Bruce Balbowski and he told us some really cool behind the scenes information and the origin of Crimson Vision Studios. I’ve been told that there are 2 new villains and a new hero that are going to debut during Episode 3. It seems to me this series is upgrading every episode, with better costumes, graphics, powers, and more! This is done to keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing what’s going to happen next!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the article!

Crimson Blur's first suit in action!

Like I said in the last article, our team is growing everyday. We’d like to welcome a new member to CV Studios, who is also a member of the Comic Booked family, Todd Erwin!!!

Colin Bass- Series creator, Actor, Writer, Producer

Sean Swanson- Director, Editor, Actor, Camera man

Brett Mason- Actor, Musician, Costume Technician

Mar Capozzoli- Photographer, Promoter

Randy Ralston- Tech guy, Website creator/manager

Todd Erwin- Graphic Designer

Onto the interview!

Obviously, I can’t interview myself…so Sean is going to write up some questions to ask me, for the fans! Let’s do this!

We learned last time that this was supposed to be a one shot video. What made you push for it to become a series?
First of all, I just loved acting like a super hero and then watching myself on screen fight the baddies. Then our video was gaining like 100 views a day, which we definitely weren’t expecting. So Sean and I said, “Hey man, I think we can do this even better and we could keep these characters alive and have them develop.”

You run A LOT in this series! How far do you think you’ve ran?
Hahaha! Miles and miles man. Sean is very picky with his shots, and I completely respect that. But I get SO tired, and that Crimson Blur suit may look good, but it doesn’t breathe.

So Colin, you seem pretty natural on camera. Have you been in any other videos?
Well, there’s those high school movie projects you have to do…but I’ve never played such a big role in writing and starring in them. I love it! But no, I don’t have much experience actually.

It says says here, that you’re the Series Creator, Writer, Actor, Producer, and…rapper? Tell me how Crimson Flows started.
Ha! Well Sean (Bruce Balbowski), Brett (Diesel), and I are all pretty musical guys. We love Noodles Beats in our videos and we love free styling over it. One week, we had to delay filming so we thought we could keep the fans involved by doing an in-character rap while giving hints to the next episode.

Anything Crimson Flows-related in the works right now?
Theme songs baby!

Alright last question. What can you tell us about the 3 new characters coming in during Episode 3?
Oh, I don’t know how much I can give away… Let’s just say, the hero, isn’t your average hero. One of the villains will have a major effect on the heroes, and the other villain is very stealthy…


The Black Archer appears to be in alliance with CB



Crimson Blur gets his next suit!

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