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Crimson Vision Studios Gets Comic Booked!

runnin and runnin

Who’s that hero running super speed? It’s The Crimson Blur, yeah that’s me! And I am a part of an awesome studio that is here to bring you quality super hero entertainment. Crimson Vision Studios was founded by Colin Bass and Sean Swanson when their first video, The Quest for Comic Booked, got bigger than either of them imagined. The two sat down and decided to turn what was supposed to be a one shot video, into an ongoing series. They decided they wanted to do an ongoing super hero web series loosely based on The Crimson Blur’s origin story. Colin and Sean have a planned storyline with tons of different heroes, villains, and plot twists that you won’t see coming.

The Crimson Blur and the debut of his new suit!

Crimson Vision Studios currently consists of 5 talented people. But in all honesty, the studio is growing everyday and we’re only getting better. Each one of them uses their individual skills to help the studio thrive and grow.

Colin Bass- Series creator, Actor, Writer, Producer

Sean Swanson- Director, Editor, Actor, Camera man

Brett Mason- Actor, Musician, Costume Technician

Mar Capozzoli- Photographer, Promoter

Randy Ralston- Tech guy, Website creator/manager

Together we bring you unique super hero story telling with Noodles beats (Noodles Productions) and the perfect blend of fast and slow motion.

And now we have an exclusive interview with Sean Swanson, AKA Bruce Balbowski!

So Sean, how did Crimson Vision Studios even start?
Well basically me and Colin, thank goodness we live next to each other. We were at the pool, hangin’ out and Colin came up to me with an idea. He asked me if I could help him make a video. He told me his idea and I was IN. Just like that.

What do you, personally, want next for Crimson Vision Studios?
I want Crimson Vision Studios to BLOW UP! Our goal is to start making videos once a week for our fans.

Do you have anything else planned besides The Quest series and Crimson Flows?
Me and Colin have been talking a lot. Maybe we’ll start pumping out some music videos.

What advice do you have for other people trying to start their own web series?
Use every one of your talents to their full potential and ignore the haters!

Does Bruce Balbowski have a greater significance in the overall story?
Absolutely not.

I’ve heard around the internet that you guys might be doing a music video for Crimson Flows Track 1 if you get 100 likes…is that true?
Haha, yes it did indeed. If you’re lucky, we’ll probably do some more.

One thing I really liked about Minisode 2.5, was the suits. Tell me about that process.
Well that was a very exciting process. As you could see in episode 2, no suits. In 2.5 we get much better. Thank goodness Comic Booked gave us a little budget and it’s almost Halloween, so that made things easier.

Thanks for your time Sean. Anything you want to say to the fans?

Thank you to all of the fans who have supported us so far. If you haven’t seen our videos, you should check them out. Nothin’ but fun!

Who is The Black Archer?

Here’s episode 1 if you haven’t seen it! I’ll be doing separate posts for the other episodes as well, so stay tuned!


Episodes 2 and 2.5 are out so if you can’t wait for another post, then go check them out on our youtube page!

Contact Crimson Vision Studios!

Crimson Vision Studios Facebook Page

Crimson Vision Studios Youtube Channel

Crimson Vision Studios Tumblr

Crimson Vision Studios Official Website (Under Construction)

Crimson Vision Studios Twitter

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