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Crossfire #1 Review


Created by Preston Smith
Written by Andrew J. Lucas
Drawn by Wong Comics
Lettered by Nikki Sherman

One thing that I love about the indie comic community is the steady stream of fresh takes and amalgamation of styles and genres. It seems that there is never a lack of opportunity for a writer to write something that crosses genres or meshes together things that are different. Crossfire is a cross between a superhero team and special forces team, be it police or military; their job is to be the face of the war on crime, but as it happens most the times the lines between intentions and actions are not always the as clear as they should be. What Lucas does well in his storytelling is setting up the team and the characters as a likable bunch of heroes, right from the start I enjoy the characters and the team dynamic, and that is probably the best thing for a team driven story.

This artist team reminds me of another indie creator team, the guys behind Dragon Trio. The pencils and inks are all consistent and the characters are all defining in their own way which isn’t exactly easy to do because of the fact the team are in uniforms that are meant for them to look similar. As I said each character is unique but they’re all similar and the superhero team style is very unique because it’s also has a bit of a special ops team feel that bleeds in from the writing style. The colors remind me of Dragon Trio as well, they pop nicely but aren’t over powering and bright, all of the panels are balanced well, I especially like the way the artist team handles the action. The action is pulled off well with intense sequences that seem to go on and on but are almost not enough. The action sequences have sprinkles of action lettering that are a great way to spruce up the panel and really show emphasis on the important parts. I have a feeling this team will continue to grow together and their talents will continue to skyrocket.

Crossfire can be found on Indy Planet for print and digital!


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