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Dan Didio has left DC Comics

dan didio

According to our friends over at the Hollywood Reporter, Dan Didio, longtime fixture at DC Comics, has exited the company.

At this time, there is really nothing else to report. We have no information about the situation surrounding his departure, just a lot of people shocked and saddened by his leaving. Did he leave on his own or was he asked to leave or told to leave?

Dan has been the Co-Publisher at DC Comics since 2010 alongside Jim Lee. Before that he served a 6-year stint as VP Executive Editor. He served as VP Editorial prior to that.

Didio is just the next in a line of changes and shake-ups that has been happening since well before DC went through a major reorganization back in January of 2019. Diane Nelson, who was the President of DC Entertainment, left for reasons unknown in June of 2018 and Geoff Johns stepped down as Chief Creative Officer shortly after.

What does the future hold for DC Comics? The TV universe seems to be doing well with ongoing series on the CW The Flash, Supergirl, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Batwoman, recently ended Arrow, and even Titans on DC Universe. The movies are not quite up to par, although the recent Joker really broke the mold.

We shall see.

Stay tuned as more information becomes available and continue the discussion on our Facebook page.

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