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Daredevil – The Fear is Ending with Issue #36

Daredevil #36 Cover

Daredevil, The Man Without Fear, has been a staple Marvel character for years. He is from Hell’s Kitchen, has been to Hell, and has been possessed by powers from Hell. But now, a fate worse than Hell awaits him… Death by Twitter. Well, not really death, but the end of the series. It all started with a cryptic answer in the letters page of issue #32 when editor Steve Wacker mentioned the two-part finale to this “era” of Daredevil. Chris Samnee confirmed this with a tweet that included the cover art for issue #36.

1-1Daredevil made his comics debut back in April, 1964 in Daredevil #1, and has faced many heroes and villains. For those of you who don’t know, Matt Murdock, Daredevil’s secret identity, as a child, was blinded by radioactive waste. Instead of being able to climb walls or turn green and mean, the waste took his sight and heightened his other senses also giving him a sort of radar/sonar sense that makes him more than a match for most villains on the dark streets of Hell’s Kitchen. A lawyer by day, defending or prosecuting the scum of the earth, by night he hunts down those who escape justice. Fighting the likes of The Kingpin of Crime, Bullseye, and a multitude of others, Daredevil has been a deep and intricate character.Daredevil Montage

What is next for our horned friend? Could there be a new Daredevil movie in the works since Marvel now has the rights back? Maybe a TV series? All we can hope for is, since they don’t seem to be killing him off, Marvel has big plans for this great character in the coming year, especially with a certain horned devil turning the big 5-0. Let us know your thoughts, guesses, hopes, and dreams for Daredevil. Do they still give out No-Prizes?Marvel No-Prize

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Comments (3)

It will just be restarted again like every other title. Kind of sad at this point.

Yeah. Nothing ever really ends… 🙁

Now it will be a digital only comic… Daredevil: Road Warrior

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