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Darick Robertson gets “Comic Booked” on Freakshow #1


Hello again, fellow Comic Book fans. As you all probably already know, last week I had the pleasure of attending and covering the great Freakshow Release Party for you all. Shortly after, I had the opportunity to meet up again with Darick Robertson, this time via email correspondence.

I first met Darick at the Freakshow release party as he had of course created the beautiful variant cover piece for Freakshow Issue One.

Truly, truly an amazing guy, definitely worth getting to know and you can read all about the my jubilant experiences with all the creators that night right here.

My email experience with Robertson was equally as enjoyable, and it is my great pleasure to reveal it to you now.


N: Hello Darick, it’s so good to speak with you again. Thank you so much for agreeing to “meet” with me. Always been a huge fan.

D: Well, thank you! That’s always gratifying to know.

N: Hahaha! Wonderful. I love it. So, I guess my first question is
probably the most important. How did you and the fine gentlemen of Freakshow meet?

D: I met David Server a couple years back through my good friend and collaborator Adam Mortimer. David represents Adam via ‘Archetype’, and was interested in representing me as well. Aside from being very good at his job, he’s good people, as is Jackson Lanzing, and we’ve become friends as well. They enthusiastically told me about their project ‘FREAKSHOW’ at San Diego Comic-con of 2009. Unsolicited, I volunteered to do a cover for them. I have a lot of respect for David and Jackson’s work, and liked Joe Suitor’s kick-ass designs. It’s tough being indie guys in this market, so I like to do what I can to bring attention to a good project by good people. Besides that, David has some really juicy blackmail material on me…

N: Hahaha! Blackmail is always fun. Did it take you long to come up with your variant design or did you already have that image in mind?

D: Indeed! Never trust a guy who stays sober while you’re drinking… wait, there’s a flaw in that logic somewhere…

I don’t think my design varies from Joe’s concepts much at all. I wanted to remain faithful to his characters, and referenced them, as they are strong designs.

I did have an evening when Jackson, David and I were hanging out. I sketched the cover concept while talking about the story with them, asking questions as I developed the poses and layout, so I would have solid understanding of their ideas and could offer my own. I recall challenging Jackson and David on some of the things they were explaining, and in talking it through with me, having that conversation, we had a really fun exchange of ideas, and it lead to a better drawing. Their enthusiasm is addictive and I rarely have the opportunity to collaborate that way.

N: It sounds amazing. I love working with a great team no matter what I’m doing. Your passion just always shines through more that way, and Freakshow is more than enough evidence of that fact. So I asked the guys this earlier, and I’m aware it’s not really your comic but still, what does Freakshow mean to you personally?

D: It means a lot to me that it sold out, and there was a ready audience for it, even though it wasn’t from a mainstream publisher with a big hype. When David, Jackson and Joe are big super stars, I’ll say I knew them when.

N: Hahaha! Me too, and I really think they’re going to be. Do you have a favorite character in Freakshow? Someone you relate to, or just really enjoyed drawing?

D: They certainly have the talent to back up the ambition. My favorite character is ‘Psychosis’. I love the design and idea. He reminds me of “the Female” from ‘the BOYS’ in a really abstract way.

N: How cool! That is very neat. So, last question for this time around then. When people ask you what Freakshow is about what do you tell them?

D: I would leave that to David and Jackson.


Ah, can’t really blame him, David Server and Jackson Lanzing do have quite the way with words and if any of you are curious just what the two brilliant Co-Writers and their Artist Joe Suitor did actually have to say about their Comic Freakshow, you can watch my interviews with them here, and here.

Yes, and no worries fellow Darick Robertson fans, I have great desire for more of these in the future.

If for no other reason than Darick Robertson is just a really great guy to talk to. – N

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Great interview 😀 I still need to seek out a copy of 'Freakshow' #1 but it is most definitely on my 'must buy' list!

Lovely, kinda wished I was there to watch, like I said before, but, it's a fun read!

Awesome article as always Nicole. Darick seems like a cool dude too! Gotta go get Freakshow asap!

Love it! Darick is one of my favorite artists ever. Super interview!

Stephan Maich

articuloso el greato! or some other faux-linguistic-ness. diggit. his art is rad.

Hahaha! Yeah, everyone keeps asking for one! That'll be up to them I guess!

Hahaha! Thanks, and this I did via email bud, and so technically at some points you probably were watching.

I hear it's sold-out, but I'll keep you in loop if anything changes!

Awesome! Yeah, he's freaking great, so stoked I got to do this!

Hahaha! Si, oui, and da, FTW!

EPIC! That cover is amazing. A must have. Cheers!

I know! So stoked to have both in my collection!

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