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Dark Horse Review: Angel & Faith Season Ten #8


Scripter: Victor Gischler

Artist: Will Conrad

Colorist: Michelle Madsen

Spoilers Sweeties!

Angel is a vampire with a soul………but he did not always have a soul. Faith is a vampire slayer trying to redeem her soul from a long time of doing evil things. The two are now occupying a single comic book but in ‘Lost And Found Part 3’ their tales are quite separate & I hope they will soon come together!

Perhaps the plan is that one will be lost & one will be found?

Angel is living in a neighbourhood of London called ‘Magic Town’ created by an explosion of magic resulting from a mistake Angel made. Faith is working for an organization of vampire slayers with out vampires to slay called Deepscan. She left Angel to find a place of her own.

angel & alisdair thinking
angel & alisdair thinking

Angel’s story begins with a dream of his past as the evil Angelus storming the palace during the French Revolution & devouring Marie Antionette. He awakens as the dream shifts to a modern day & Angel is attacking humans, not Angelus. With a drink Angel begins hunting…………as a detective not a monster………..for the witch Amy. Amy has been using local little bads in Magic Town to gather the ingredients to raise her ex Warren from the dead. Angel just did completed a similar ritual for Faith’s Watcher Giles. Angel is doing all he can to stop Amy both because Warren was an evil monster in his own right & because resurrections never quite happen as hoped!

Tracking Amy to her home Angel tells her that he will never help her & she does not take it well!

Faith’s story, meanwhile, places her eye to eye with the wife of the man she wronged……….stealing his girlfriend’s body & sleeping with him.

faith & mai slaying
faith & mai slaying

Deepscan has been hired to find a wealthy businessman & the rest of the group that was protecting him on an expedition in a South American jungle. This includes the boyfriend of the woman mentioned……..Riley Finn for Buffy fans. This group was captured by a band of vampires who have all the powers that a new magic world has granted to them……….they are stronger & can live in sun light!

After a brief talk with Faith over her indiscretion, Riley’s wife Samantha leads the small remaining Deepscan group back to the vampire camp where they find only 8 of the 11 captives are still alive!

So I am finding the storyline is progressing very slowly. I think that it may develop into a fun tale but the equal split between Faith & Angel with no links seems disjointed & kind of jerky.

The art work is beautiful though! Will Conrad & Michelle Madsen have a very dark & realistic style that still tells a story & conveys the action! I just hope it all comes together soon!

My Rating: 3.5/5


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