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Daryl and Beth – A Walking Dead Romance in 25 Pictures

Walking Dead Daryl and Beth

Last episode left the pair of survivors separated and in potentially dire straits. Right at their closest moment they were torn apart, but was it leading to romance, or are fans reading too much into it?

1. Season 4 premiere

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 1

Beth’s boyfriend just died on a supply mission, yet Daryl is the one who seems to need a hug in the season four premiere of The Walking Dead, “30 Days Without an Accident.” By this point Beth is used to death, and barely cries. Characters all mourn differently on The Walking Dead, and here the younger Beth actually seems more emotionally mature than the likely emotionally stunted Daryl, who grew up abused and without many of the usual rights of passage kids go through.

2. On the run together 

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 2

Daryl and Beth get their first real time together in the season four episode “Inmates.” She’s clinging to any reason for hope, while Daryl has given in to despair. This shows they both have the will to survive though, as they run and run together to the point of exhaustion.

3. Hiding in the trunk

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 3

When they aren’t running for their lives together they’re hiding, sometimes all night in a car trunk, with weapons at the ready as legions of zombies creep by. This scene from “Still” is one of the scariest in the series, but it does look kind of cozy in there!

4. Camping

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 4

 In The Walking Dead zombie apocalypse, this is domestic bliss!

5. A rocky start

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 5

 You think she’d get in trouble for giving him attitude like that, but things are just beginning to heat up!

6. An emotional hug

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 6

They’ve both lost so much, and after a fun drinking game turns into an explosive argument, they let it all out. Beth may be the one hugging him again, but unlike the emotional detachment of the previous hug, this one has some serious feels.

7. Burning the shack

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 7

One last emotional release, they light the fire together.

8. Moving on

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 8

Goodbye old life, hello new! Daryl and Beth are ready to face the future, together!

9. Learning to track and hunt

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 9

Now that they are really relating, I wonder what else they can teach each other!

10. Holding hands

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 10

It’s during a more somber emotional moment, but this is when the cuteness factor really starts to ramp up!

11. Piggyback ride

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 11

OK, surely is doesn’t get any cuter than this?

12. Over the threshold

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 12

Carol who? Even actress Melissa McBride must be rooting for a Daryl and Beth romance at this point!

13. Music soothes the savage beast

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 13

NO ONE else can make Daryl Dixon feel this relaxed.

14. An unlikely pair 

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 14

Daryl was the quintessential bad boy from a broken home, and Beth the all American girl next door. Maybe that match up isn’t so unlikely after all, but they’ve both changed a lot since the zombie apocalypse, and admit that they give each other hope.

15.  Behind the scenes

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 15

Actor Norman Reedus and actress Emily Kinney seem to be having so much fun together!

16. More behind the scenes

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 16

 Don’t even try and tell me these two wouldn’t make a great couple!

17. Sharing secrets

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 17

What are they whispering about? Could it be romance spoilers? Bethyl?

18.  Romance spoilers? 

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 18

Maybe they are, this looks to be about the right reaction!

19. Red carpet

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 19

Off-screen the professionals have their own real life romantic entanglements, but they still look damn good together!

20. More red carpet

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 20

So sweet!

21. Kissing Collage 

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 21

Are you really going to tell me you don’t want to see more like this on The Walking Dead?

22. Talking Dead appearance

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 22

If the world of The Walking Dead ever gets cleaned up, this is what it could look like.

23. More Talking Dead

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 23

Don’t get too jealous Beth!

24. A little more Talking Dead

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 24

Oops, too late!

25. Fan art

Daryl and Beth Walking Dead 25


The fans are ready! Beth seemed honestly surprised when Daryl confessed she had given him hope, and it surprised me too, I felt so sure in the moment she was trying to coax it out of him. Neither one of them may have been looking for romance, but sometimes you can’t help who you fall in love with! If you have any more good pics feel free to link them in the comments!

Do you want to see a Daryl and Beth romance on The Walking Dead, or is surviving together enough? Waiting to see what happens next? Kill some time with the comics!

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Comments (16)

I honestly and truly believe that both Bethyl and Normily are made for each other, and are ultimately soul mates, whether they know it or not . . . <3


Bethyl and Norman and Emily are beautiful in every way. They and the episodes were pure perfection. They were 2shy, heartwarming, introverted and insecure characters who made each other stronger and better. They were able to support each other and Beth gave him the emotional strength he needed to pull out of his moments of despair. She taught him that their were good people and found the beauty in simple things while allowing him thi believe the world is worth fighting for so yah they could live and not just survive. Most importantly she taught he was good and worth happiness. They accepted each other without judgement and gave each other the confidence they needed is themselves. They believed in one another. Each revealed their feelings and moments of insecurity with their past and who they were while they both were able to convey to ecshotger that they changed and they were good. Daryl helped Beth find her confidence in her strength and physical ability to survive in that dark desperate world. He was able to teach her the skill necessary to do so. They believed one another as each saw the others strengths. They went out of their comfort zones for each other and let one another be the person they wanted to be. They found happiness, hope and strength to endure together. They fell in love with everything about the other…… Who they were and what they stood for alone and together. Bethyl completed one another and it was beautiful and a gift to watch.

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