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DC Announces Harley Quinn TV Series … With Margot Robbie?

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Ok. I did not expect this one.

Powerless‘ Producers Justin Halpern , Dean Lorey and Patrick Shumacker have been given a “Straight To Series” Order from Warner Brothers.  The series, twenty six episodes long and thirty minutes each, will be the third series slated for D.C.’s digital streaming service. It is none other than Harley Quinn. The Harley Quinn animated series will join fellow D.C. Comics shows ‘Young Justice’ and ‘Titans’ on the platform. (For more on those two shows, follow this link. )

Harley QuinnApparently, it is Margot Robbie that the studio is negotiating with as their first choice to voice the character of Doctor Harleen Quinzel, Harley Quinn.  She played the now-iconic role in the film Suicide Squad and, because of that, she is now pop culture’s most closely attached actor for the character.

Most recently Sirena Irwin brought Dr. Quinzel to life with the October 2017 release of ‘Batman vs. Tw0-Face’.  Melissa Rauch voiced Harley in the 2017 animated film ‘Batman and Harley Quinn‘. Arleen Sorkin has been the voice of Harley for numerous animated films and television series and for over twenty years with such films as ‘Batman the Animated Series’, ‘Superman the Animated Series’, 2001’s ‘Justice League and Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker’. Tara Strong played Harley Quinn in 2015’s ‘DC Super Hero Girls’ as well as two animated feature length films in 2016 which were ‘LEGO DC Super Heroes: Justice League – Gotham City Breakout‘ and ‘DC Super Hero Girls: Hero Of The Year’.

As you can see, the field is deep on voice talent. The question now remains, will Margot accept? Will this leave her with enough time for the upcoming DCEU film Suicide Squad 2? What about the Gotham City Sirens movie? Or even the rumored (and as yet untitled) Joker and Harley Quinn movie?

For now that is all uncertain but what can be certain is that we have a whole lot of Quinzel on the way.

Harley Quinn


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