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DC Comics And Beyond – National Comics: Looker #1

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I’ve been happily buying DC’s new National Comics since it began last month with Jeff Lemire’s take on Eternity.  Is the second issue, focused on Looker, worth picking up as well?

Here’s the book’s description from “Emily Briggs was a top supermodel until she was turned into a vampire! Briggs uses her supernatural powers to protect the innocent as they navigate the corrupt world of high fashion and modeling! Don’t miss this fresh, sexy take on a classic DC character!”

I love giving characters who are being updated for today’s audience a chance. Looker used to be a member of the Outsiders. She was basically like Nina in Syfy’s Alphas, able to mentally influence others, until she was turned into a vampire. It was interesting to see a beautiful model as a superhero.

In this re-incarnation, she’s never been a hero. Instead, she’s made into a vampire although she doesn’t know which vamp did this to her, something she wants to discover.

Interestingly, Looker is actually the name for her modeling agency rather than her own code name. Like Eternity last time, she’s more of an adventurer than a costumed crusader.

She’s picked up some waifs along the way, including her assistant Roma, who witnessed her drinking the blood of a victim, and Charles, who saw a photographer selling drugs to a model. Both are foils for her, helping her manage her affairs.

Emily is a “good” vampire, feasting on pushers, pimps and pornographers. “There are enough parasites in the business to keep me fed,” she lets us know. This isn’t a new concept, in my experience, but it’s what is done with her that makes it a fun read.

It’s enjoyable to see the red-head don a bright red outfit and solve mysteries, so I liked the book a lot. Vampires are not quite as in demand as they used to be, but she’s a strong character with interesting motivations, so I want to read more about her. I still don’t think we have enough female lead comics characters around!

Ian Edgington wrote the book, and Mike S. Miller provided the art. The tale is a fast-paced one that kept my attention the entire issue.

I like supporting comics characters being given another chance, so I enjoyed Looker quite a bit. I had trouble finding a copy of this issue (had to get it in the second store I went to), though, so I’m not sure I’ll get my wish to follow her stories in the future. But I am glad I got to read it! If it doesn’t fly as a comic, maybe it could be a television series or movie?

This Week’s New 52 Reviews: Here are some quick thoughts on the New 52 DC books out this week. It was mostly annuals, with the two “regular” books being Aquaman #12, which continues to rock each month, and the much-anticipated Justice League #12 containing the beginning of the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship.  The best annual was Green Lantern Annual #1, which really shook up that character’s reality. Wow! (Look for a full review of this book coming soon to ComicBooked!) Next I really enjoyed The Flash Annual #1, in which the Scarlet Speedster takes on the Rogues with significant changes made to them. Detective Comics Annual #1 features Mad Hatter versus Black Mask in a fight for the “minds” in Gotham. Pretty good! Superman Annual #1 introduces the new creative team with a very strong story that shake the Man of Steel down to his very roots. Finally, Justice League International Annual #1 sets up the new Justice League of America series coming from Geoff Johns and David Finch. I am looking forward to that book although I will miss the JLI.

Other books worth picking up this week included American Vampire #30, Batman Beyond Unlimited #7, Before Watchmen: Minutemen #3, Phantom Lady #1 and Young Justice #19 from DC; the truly luscious Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard leather edition from Archaia; Locke & Key Grindhouse One Shot and Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who Assimilation Squared #4 from IDW; Morning Glories #21 from Image; Amulet #5 from Scholastic; Sixth Gun #24 from Oni Press; Steed and Mrs. Peel Ongoing #0, Valen the Outcast #8 (final issue, sadly) and Higher Earth #4 from BOOM! Studios; as well as Bionic Woman #3, Green Hornet #27, Lord Of The Jungle #7 and Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #14 from Dynamite!

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