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DC Comics and Gaming


Comic Books Morph Easily into Slot Machines

Just about all of us grew up with the help of comic-book superheroes; Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman were our idols when we were kids and, if we’re willing to be honest with ourselves, they’ve never totally lost their super-appeal. That is exactly the thinking that slot-machine creators take to the drawing board when they’re deriving themes and concepts for new slots. Comic books never go out of style and slots are just a grown-up version of a different type of entertainment. Slots with a comic-book theme appeal to the kid in all of us.

DC Comics are arguably the most well-known of the comic-book series that have transitioned to online slot machines. With all due respect to some of the super heroes of today, Superman and Batman are classic figures that never go out of style and that never fail to impress. Slot machines that borrow comic-book titles do so because the familiarity of the comic books help slots like Superman and Wonder Woman stand out in a crowded field of slots that have themes of every ilk.

Sometimes, a familiar face is all a slot fan needs to choose a specific slot machine and who is more familiar to all of us than the Man of Steel or the Caped Crusader? This is especially true on a leading online casino like William Hill, where there are literally hundreds of online slots vying for a slot fan’s attention. Comic book titles are the draw the online casinos seek to bring in fans who remember the colorful characters of their youth and want to spend just a little more time with them.

Comic-book-themed slots are among the most popular of all slot machines and it’s easy to understand why. Slots with comic themes come packed with huge jackpots and all the extras that slot fans expect from their games. The graphics are always eye-popping and beautiful – they’re sort of an updated, action-packed version of the classic originals. Stop at the crossroads where comic classics meet slot excitement, and stick around a while.


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