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DC Comics makes some changes in October

Earth 2 Worlds End

This coming October, DC Comics has announced that they are going to shake things up a bit.  First, they announced a new creative team for Wonder Woman.  Then, they announced two new ongoing Batman titles.  But that still didn’t quite add up to the magic “52” number that they are so fond of these last few years.  Cancellations, creative team changes, new titles…  Here are just a few things to expect this coming October from DC Entertainment:

* Catwoman is changing creative teams, with writer Genevieve Valentine and artist Garry Brown taking over.

* Klarion the Witchboy gets his own series, by writer Ann Nocenti and artist Trevor McCarthy.

* Lobo gets his own series, by writer Cullen Bunn and artist Reilly Brown.

* Trinity of Sin gets a team book, by writer J. M. DeMatteis and artist Yvel Guichet.

* Earth 2 adds a co-writer, Marguerite Bennett, who will work alongside writer Tom Taylor and new series artist Andy Smith.

* Earth 2: Worlds End weekly comic debuts with an all-star cast of creators at the helm.

* Batgirl is changing series artists, with Cameron Stewart (presumably) joining writer Gail Simone.

And speaking of Cam Stewart, here’s a closer look at his new redesign for Barbara’s costume, as originally offered up to MTV News:

Batgirl Cameron Stewart Designs

So, what do you think?  Are these changes just what DC needs to shake things up a bit this fall?  Or is it too late for some of these characters and titles?  Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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