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DC Comics Stands with Orlando #OrlandoUnited

DC Entertainment


DC Entertainment has posted images and statements on their social media platforms declaring support for the city of Orlando, Florida in the wake of the horrific tragedy that occurred during the past weekend where a gunmen opened fired and needlessly and senselessly murdered 49 people in an LGBT nightclub.

 is the hashtag used by DC Comics on both Twitter and Facebook.  DC artist and co-publisher Jim Lee as well as Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns have also posted the powerful imagery on their own social media accounts.

dcorlando2One image, posted by Geoff Johns, features the flag of the United States of America blended with the rainbow colored flag of the LGBT community.  Both Mr. Johns and Mr. Lee have both also posted a powerful image of Superman behind a rainbow colored shield.

The image is an adaptation of an iconic Superman comic book cover, Superman # 14 (seen below).

The image has been liked, loved, shared, retweeted all around social media.

These are strong and powerful and loving statements from those whose work we follow and admire.  James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Amanda Conner, Tom King, Greg Rucka and others in the DC Comics creator stable have also made various statements and retweets pledging their support to Orlando.

I also stand united with Orlando.  I stand for the rights of the LGBT community, the transgender community  and I stand proudly on side of the fight for civil rights and equality for all individuals. I fully support the right of people to live their lives the way they feel comfortable. These differences should not drive us apart and make us weaker as a world community, they should be celebrated and recognized for they make us all unique and stronger and beautiful and interesting.  What happened in Orlando is horrific and it was senseless and it was a complete and utter tragedy.  But the outpouring of love and support and unity not only in the LGBT community but from all communities whether it be the city or Orlando or the United States or Paris or the world, has been amazing and it is these efforts at solidarity and public displays of unity and support that give hope that we can not only move forward from this event but move onward to a place of acceptance and equality for everyone.







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Great article and thank you to everyone who is supporting not only America, but also the LGBTQ Community!

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