DC Comics changes in December


DC Comics has just announced that several of their comics will be making drastic changes in December (and some actually a month earlier in November).  All in the spirit of making a little bit more room for some of the new 2016 titles, there are a few titles ending prematurely.  Omega Men, Justice League United, Gotham by Midnight, and Lobo will end in December and Doomed will end in November.  Catwoman will also get a bit of a revamp with a new creative team, consisting of writer Frank Tieri and artist Inaki Miranda.

Though I am happy for a Catwoman creative team change (to be honest, I’ll buy anything Tieri writes), it’s sad to see Justice League United and Gotham by Midnight go.  Perhaps it’s for another team book and a potential solo Spectre title, but who knows.  As for Lobo, Omega Men, and Doomed?  Well, they were probably better suited for miniseries from the start.  We’ll see how this all shapes up.

Any reactions from you?  Favorites being axed?  Hated books still being put out month after month?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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