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DC Comics World-Wide Super Hero Gathering

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DC Comics/Warner Bros. Consumer Products – getting the Super Heroes together trying to break records – BRILLIANT!!!    Wonder Woman, Superman, Super Girl, Batwoman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Green Arrow and so many more Super Heroes came out for this!  Rules were specific only Super Heroes – no villains, no super villains and attendees must be fully dressed in complete costume from head to toe!

This world record setting cosplay attempt for the Guinness Book of World Records title of “Most People Dressed as DC Comics Super Heroes in a 24-Hour Period” was kicked off in Queensland, Australia and closely followed by scheduled events in Manila, Philippines; Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Madrid, Spain; Rome, Italy;  Birmingham, Cardiff, London and Warrington in the UK; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Charenton-le-Pont (Paris), France;  Smallville (Plano), Illinois; Mexico City, Mexico; ending in Los Angeles, CA.

Event attendees in the Illinois area gathered at Smallville Museum (Plano), Illinois  – making sure they stayed focused, grouped together and were accurately counted!  Smallville was the official hometown of the 2013 “Man of Steel” and the perfect Mid-west location for the record setting event!  Smallville had the most epic video drone taking pics and video throughout the event.  Totally want one!

RULES – RULES – RULES!!!!  Everyone in every location had to gather during a certain period of time within the 24hours of April 18th, check in and sign a picture consent form.  Once you had your wrist band, got your picture taken, you entered a ‘super hero area’ together and requirements were to stand for 5 full minutes in an official ‘gathering.’  After the gathering you leave the super hero area and line up to do it again, (just to make sure that it’s official)!

Official tally and attendee pictures of the World Wide DC Super Hero gathering were submitted after the final event was held at Hollywood and Highland in famed Los Angeles, CA and turned in for an official event recap and confirmation that the record was set!  Can’t wait to see how many were involved, what the outcome is and look for some fellow costumers names in ‘the book!’

At this time, monday at 7pm, some sites have already announced the win on the world record – except the official web site for the event!!!  ARGHHH!!!!   The last notice is that the count is still ‘on-going.’  Rules were specific, costumes had to be accurate from head to toe and appropriate footwear fitting the costume was required – so some deliberating must still be going on!

Almost all Smallville event photos are courtesy of Jeff Frost, a great help at the event!!!  Thanks SO MUCH  –  totally earned the t-shirt!!!  🙂

Need more info about the events around the world and final numbers – find all the info here.

For a great compilation of event photos provided by Getty Images.

World Record124
The whole group!!!
World Record127
Thanks for the great event!!!
World Record9
Welcome to Smallville, IL!!!
World Record8
Folks lining up to register and be counted!
World Record7
Plano, IL real heroes their firemen! Thanks guys!!!
World Record5
Thanks to the support of April Widrick and to the best photographer Jeff Frost! Thanks for the pictures today, Jeff!!
World Record6
Great TV crew and fantastic filming of the event!
World Record21
Some members of We Are Cosplay attended!
World Record122
Superman contest!
World Record123
Batman contest!
World Record18
Superhero walk!
World Record17
Waiting for the countdown!
World Record16
Lining up!
World Record15
Everyone is looking great!
World Record14
Fantastic folks!
World Record12
Patiently waiting and eagerly anticipating!
World Record11
Hoop Hoop – we did it!!! Can’t wait for the results!!!
World Record10
Great costumes!
World Record19
Lots of Superman blue here!
World Record4
Thanks for the great event!!!
World Record1
We’re all checking out the sweet drone taking our video and pics!
World Record2
The Comedian’s a hero? YOU BETCHA!!!
World Record3
Hero walk!


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