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DC Future State Announced… Are we excited?

It seems like all the publishers are doing some event or another every year, and DC is no exception with the latest announcement of DC Future State running in 2021 for January and February. What is it? Where does it come from? And, most importantly, will this even have any lasting impact on the DC comic book or overarching media universe?

What is DC Future State and why should anyone care?

According to our friends over at DC comics, the DC Future State event will be a two month foray into what things could look like for the future of the DC Comics Universe. This event “spotlights the World’s Greatest Super Heroes in fresh new roles, with all-new characters taking up their iconic mantles” according to an article found over at DC Comics. This means a total of 25 books exploring a possible future of the DC Universe. Included in this glimpse of tomorrow is a new Batman, a new Wonder Woman, Superman banished from Earth and his son Jon taking up the mantle, Supergirl all up, the Legion of Super-Heroes, and other Justice Leaguers in their own titles. We will even see a couple of Green Lantern books and a nice looking Swamp Thing where, it is teased that, Swamp Thing finally reveals his true mission as the end of time draws near.

Where does it come from?

Spinning out of the events of the last couple of years with the multiple series related to Metal and the Dark Multiverse, this seems to be the end cap to all that has come before. We can speculate on the future of the Batman Who Laughs and other of the evil characters, which have made these series fully enjoyable, and we can ask all sorts of questions about the covers we have been presented with. I feel like there is a lot going into these books, as DC is working with some new talent to bring a fresh take to some old characters with new faces. Check out this impressive list from that same article on the DC Comics site.

A stellar array of writers and artists are on hand to deliver this unique look at beloved DC characters, including fan favorites such as Mariko Tamaki, Brian Michael Bendis, Gene Luen Yang, Joëlle Jones, Joshua Williamson, Nicola Scott, Cully Hamner and John Timms, along with new voices such as award-winning screenwriter John Ridley (12 Years A Slave), Brandon Vietti (Young Justice), Meghan Fitzmartin (Supernatural, DC Super Hero Girls), Brandon Easton (Thundercats, Transformers: War for Cybertron), Alitha Martinez (REPRESENT! It’s A Bird!), L.L. McKinney (Nubia: Real One), Paula Sevenbergen (Stargirl) and Siya Oum (Lola XOXO), among others.

Makes me interested.

Lasting Impact?

For those of you who are like me and avidly read comics from all publishers, you can understand the apprehension that comes with any event. With DC Comics, they have a long and colored history with major events. Crisis on Infinite Earths, Identity Crisis, Countdown, Infinite Crisis, One Year Later, 52, the New 52 full line reboot, Flashpoint, Final Crisis, Rebirth, Convergence, Metal, Death Metal, Heroes in Crisis (wtf even was that?) and I am not even going to get into things like Bloodlines, Death of Superman, Rise of the Supermen, Return of Superman… I get exhausted just thinking about all the times we really looked for something cool to happen and change the face of DC comics forever.

All of this, and DC has to understand that we are all just a little gun shy.


If you print it, we will buy. As the old saying goes. Check it out, or don’t. You control how you spend your money.

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