DC review: Batman Beyond Universe #10 – spoiled


Batman Beyond Universe #10

Higgins, Gage, Silas, Soy


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

Alternate realities are pretty awesome.

Universe #10-1

This series is making the most of their jump to the multiverse. The first bit was so subtle I had to double take. Batman had shown up and Dick Grayson was watching him on a surveillance monitor. Barbara Gordon walked in with coffee and they mention they are married. The whole scene was so reminiscent of a scene previously where Babs and Dick actually get past their mutual romantic history that it was a little shocking.

universe #10

Back to McGinnis.  Terry and Terry are racing through the streets, heading to Wayne Manor. Of course, in the Justice Lords world, it is demolished and both Terry’s are at a loss. Apparently their mad flight had been noted, and a bunch of Jokerz showed up to demand tribute from this world’s Terry. Our Terry immediately begins beating on them and after a moment, justice lord Terry does the same. When the tide of battle turns against the two, our Terry makes his way into the buried Batcave and takes up the Justice Lord Batman suit. It was time to bring the battle back to the Jokerz.

universe #10

The battle between the Justice League and the Justice Lords taking place in the Beyond Watchtower is not going very well for our heroes. The relationships are mostly the same, and this leaves a lot of doubt and shock for our heroes to deal with. The two most interesting moments in the fight are with Teth Adam trying to convince Capt. Marvel that White Adam rules over a free and peaceful middle easy. It seemed like he had almost gotten him to join the Lords, but Lord Superman KO’s him before he can answer. The second was the Flash, and how the Justice Lord Flash is convinced they don’t speak to “fairy god Flashes” but they are schizophrenic.

Back to the lower stakes fight back in the Time Lords Universe, Justice Lord Batman Beyond (that is a mouthful, right?) is saving Terry. He uses new abilities in the suit to take out the entire gang pretty easily. Our Terry argues with his alt-self, talking about he always thought he would’ve been fine without Batman, but now he knows otherwise. In the final moments of the scene, our Terry tries to escape the Batcave in near panic. Unfortunately, Justice Lord Superman is faster than he.

Universe #10-4

Finally, our Wonder Woman admits what her part in the death of Justice Lord Batman was. She was fooled into letting her doppleganger kill her husband. Then she killed her doppleganger. In grief and responsibility, Lord Superman and the new Lord Wonder Woman had a political marriage. Wonder Woman admits she was trying to get into our world for a long time. She was happy to help with Brainiac, but her real priority was to find her son.  Zod.

Absolutely excellent issue! The similarities of the Justice Lords really make the differences shine. Terry and his counterpart are an excellent team, and the rich story of the Justice Lords timeline is a powerful epic that makes you think. I just cannot wait for next month, because the best villains are the heroes you trusted most.

My rating 5 / 5

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