DC Review: Batman Beyond Universe #11 – spoiled


Batman Beyond Universe #11

Higgins, Gage, Silas, Soy


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

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Last issue, Lord Superman had found the two Terry’s in the destroyed Bat Cave. Our Terry stalls by capturing Lord Superman in a force field that he then makes emit red sunlight, making it harder for him to break free. The escape attempt is short and inevitably doomed. Terry pulls out every trick of the Lord Batman’s suit but still ends up on the losing end of their super fist fight. The ending to the fight is jaw dropping, with Lord Superman burning a hole through Terry’s head.

Back on the Justice League Watchtower, Zod is facing down the Justice Lords all on his own. Completely outclassed and outnumbered, Zod does the only thing he could really do…he successfully calls for help. This outcry earns him a beat down. That call causes some issues between Wonder Woman and Superman which is quickly resolved and then she reveals her real reason for coming back. Zod is the test tube baby of Lord Superman and Wonder Woman! The Trinity enters the Watch Tower and are ambushed by the Justice Lords.

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Back in the world of the Justice Lords, Terry, having bamboozled Lord Superman and discovering Lord Batman’s secret weapon, tries to break his other self out of prison. Upon saving him from both imprisonment and the asinine insults of a couple of security guards, our Terry implores the Justice Lord Dick Grayson to help him defeat Lord Superman. How does he convince him? His Bat Suit is threaded with synthetic Kryptonite!

Back at the battle at the Watch Tower, Wonder Woman and Lord Superman are duking it out and Superman is tactically engaging Curare and White Adam. In the cell block where the Justice League Beyond is being held, Atom, Flash, Mr. Miracle, and Barda are trying to find a way out. Unfortunately, having been built by the worlds greatest escape artist, they appear to be impenetrable. In a startlingly heart felt display, Mr. Miracle convinces Lord Barda that he is alone and depressed. Dealing with her own loss and unhappiness she offers to release him if only he would be her king. He agrees.

She was the weakness in the system, and he is the greatest escape artist. He is clearly guilty for his manipulation, but he got the job done. The Justice League returns to the fight and evens the odds, leaving the final panel set for an explosive finish!

This story arch has been just incredible. With the two stories being told together and all of the alt world angles to explore, the Justice Lords Beyond story has been building in suspense and hitting us with “Oh, Shit!” moments since the first issue. I can’t wait to see what happens with Zod and the Kryptonite Bat Suit. Sure, Zod will most likely return to his world as an heir and the alt world Terry will be the new Lord Batman, but I hope the Justice Lords are an element of the Batman Beyond Universe for many issues to come.

My rating 5 / 5

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