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So the DC Universe changes forever in March…

DC Universe

Convergence.  Crisis.  End.  These three words are being tossed around a lot at the DC offices (currently in New York City, soon to be in Burbank, CA) today.  So what does this mean for the DC Universe?

Well, it means that a bunch of stuff is getting cancelled, ending, and otherwise changing.  We could speculate if we were some other sites out there, but we’d rather just present you all with the cold hard facts (announced on DC’s website this morning) and draw your own conclusions.

The following titles will conclude this coming March:


* Batman Eternal

* The New 52: Futures End

* Earth 2: World’s End

* Swamp Thing

* Red Lanterns

* Green Lantern Corps

* Green Lantern: New Guardians

* Aquaman and the Others

* Infinity Man and the Forever People

* Klarion

* Secret Origins

* Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G. I. Zombie

* Trinity of Sin

* Worlds’ Finest

* Batwoman

* Arkham Manor

Darkseid War

So what does this mean for the (not-so) New (not-so-much) 52?  Darkseid is coming.  The Joker is back and deadlier than ever.  Multiversity is getting crazier by the issue.  All three weekly titles are ending with a big bang.  And then there’s that whole 30th anniversary of the original Crisis on Infinite Earths thing.  Reboot?  Un-reboot?  Merger?  We’ll just have to wait and see.  Count me in.

Will you be sticking along for the ride?

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Comments (2)

Omg!!!!! Where is that pic of the antimonitor/darkseid from?????? I am in just for that!!!!!! 🙂

No. I have given up on DC less than a year into the “New 52”.

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