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A DC Comic Newbie’s Journey

DC New 52 Bat Family

Hey there! I’m Krysta Jo, a new writer for the awesome site you’re currently browsing.

Since you’ve clicked on this link, I’m assuming you are a comic newbie like myself.  Never heard of that term? Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll give you the lowdown anyways. Basically, it refers to anybody that’s a new participant in some activity.  I’ve been a comic reader for a year + a couple months, though I still claim the title of newbie. Why? Because I’m still learning!

Here’s a little history of how I was introduced to comics: I grew up watching the weekly DC cartoon shows. I religiously watched Batman: The Animated Series, which is also referred to as B: TAS. I sadly didn’t grow up reading comics, but by watching Batman, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited, I learned about many of DC’s characters, and brief histories of them. I loved watching the Batman movies too, but never realized that these characters were based on comic book stories.

About a year ago, one of my friends told me to pick up DC’s trade of Stephanie Brown as Batgirl, which was written by Bryan Q. Miller. Needless to say, I fell in love with her character! From there, I started reading Red Robin, and a few Batman books, but I was VERY confused with the story arc…since it happened to be during the time that Bruce Wayne was “lost in time”, and Dick Grayson took on the mantle of being Batman. I wavered in and out of reading comics for the next two months because there wasn’t a great “jumping on” point. Sad to say this, but Batman was too confusing to figure out. Instead, I bought trades (collected comics issues) of Gail Simone’s “Birds of Prey” series – which was also a big hit!

It wasn’t until DC’s (controversial) Reboot of its 52 re-launched series last September, that I went head-first into buying comics. Over a year later now, my “education” and view of DC comics has definitely broadened. I’m even more passionate about reading comics too, which is why I’m SO EXCITED about writing for Comic Booked.  I will be contributing to the “DC Pick of the Week” section, so be sure to check back for weekly reviews. Hopefully, I’ll help you pick up some DC comic books that you’ve been itching to read too. Let the Journey Begin!

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Comments (9)

Sweet! There's definitely a broad field here, and room for tons of exploration and discovery! I'm looking forward to seeing where this journey takes you.


Bryan Q. Miller was awesome on Batgirl! I just started reading again about a year ago too, it's so great, we're the New 52's target audience!

That is SUCH a sick Bat-family picture!


It's always great to me to see someone new to comics and so excited about them as well:-)

Simon Peter Curran

I hope your adventure is an eventful one! Looking forward to seeing what you're going to read!

So glad someone else loved Bryan's work on the Steph. Brown "Batgirl" series! She was my first Batgirl to read in the comics, so she will always have a special place in my heart. Stephanie will always be the positive "Bat" that made me smile – especially with her "belt full of crap and a positive attitude"! So glad you're back into comics too! 😀

Thanks for the kind comments! I truly appreciate them!

heck yeah! Nobody can go wrong with awesome Bat-family art, right? 😀

Thank you for the kind words! I just hope the excitement becomes contagious!

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