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DC’s New Event, 5 Years Later

Posted on Nov 6, 2013 by in The Feed | 1 comment

DC Comics, more specifically Dan Didio (Let’s face it, at this point, he is DC Comics), has just announced Five Years Later, DC’s next September event.

It is unknown as to whether it is a just a temporary month-long change across books akin to Zero Month or Villains Month or if it’s an actual event book. Bleeding Cool rumored that it might be a weekly book written by Dan Jurgens, Jeff Lemire, Brian Azzarello and Keith Giffen. The most surprising thing about that lineup (aside from it actually being just a rumor, for now) is that neither of DC’s golden boys Geoff Johns and Scott Snyder are among that list, considering Johns has been handling DC events regularly (save for Final Crisis) since Infinite Crisis. Also teased is concept art for Terry McGinnis a.k.a. Batman Beyond.

This could be seen as opportunity for DC to :

  • [infolist]Tease future developments in books
  • Fix continuity errors
  • Sell more issues of comics with variant covers
  • Bring back Superboy-Prime[/infolist]

We (I) can only hope that time travel shenanigans leads to multiverse shenanigans leading to Superboy-Prime shenanigans. Use this as an opportunity to bring back Prime, DC. The cipher for rampant fanboyism needs a comeback.

Speaking of multiverse stuff, what happened to Multiversity?


Image credit goes to Comic Book Resources

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  1. Now Let's keep in mind, there was a "Five year Later" storyline in the 90's which re-booted Legion of Superheroes which was pretty much universally panned. (But I loved it!) Maybe this will be an opportunity for Giffen to do it again, do it better, do it bigger & bring the Legion back in a major way in the new 52! (I hate calling it the new 52… its two years old. can't we just call it DC comics?)

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