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Dead No More… Marvel Teases, But We Have Answers!

dead no more

Lately, Marvel Comics has been fairly quiet about upcoming events, other than Assault on Pleasant Hill, their big Spring Avengers event coming up. One thing they have done is release a couple of teaser images for another major event, Dead No More. At first, speculation was wild about this image…

dead no more

What does it mean? First thing that came to my mind was Wolverine. He is currently one of the only main characters to have been dead for any period of time… even though there are several “versions” of him around. But, the tale gets a little more sticky with two newly released images.

dead no moreThis clearly points to a Spider-Man focused return from the dead. Many have speculated on Gwen Stacy or her dad or even Uncle Ben returning, but I believe there is really only one true character that deserves a special event to herald his triumphant return…

dead no moreIt has already been hinted that Doctor Otto Octavius, the nefarious Doctor Octopus, the mastermind who downloaded his own mind in the body of Peter Parker thus taking over his life a couple of years ago, also may have downloaded his consciousness, at least as a backup, into the robot assistant that is currently working with Anna Maria Marconi at Parker Industries. Truly the best Spidey villain, Doc Ock deserves a return to greatness that will put him at the top, ready to crush puny Parker.

The other image that Marvel released has also shed some light on this event.

dead no moreDoes this mean that Steve Rogers regaining his youth is tied to this event? Seems to be more than just a Spider-Man focused event, which is cool. The tag line for the books asks us to think about someone who has been dead and how the different characters would react if that person was alive again. Food for thought. Another cool event to look forward to… and maybe the Watcher will come back to life? He’s been dead two years, it is about time. Besides, what happened to his wife and baby?

Stay tuned for full event coverage.


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